The Diversity that is Planet – I

When we take admission into a B-school, all we here is how they look for diversity. Gender diversity, background diversity all sorts of things come into play. But it was not till a couple of days back that I actually was left speechless with two instances. There were people with whom I have been interacting for more than 8 months, but never did I expect this.

1st case. A guy from Kolkata. A student of the batch of 2014-16. Bit of background about him. He an engineering graduate of 2010 from one of the most reputed colleges in Bengal. Since then he has worked for 4 years with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). And in 2014 he has joined IIM Indore to pursue his management.

Not exactly a very top performer in the 1st term, he did not go out as much as we did. Very rarely did he actually go out for a dinner. It seemed he came to campus just to stay there and not be involved in anything which involves a little bit of spending.

It was a 3:00 am chat. We had our tea at the famed “Night Mess” of Planet I and was on a campus tour when one thing led to another. While talking this was our conversation:

Him: I don’t care actually. People label me as a miser, as introverted and what not. But seriously I do not have any money to spare. And please I am not even planning to marry soon. Have 3 kids to look after. That’s enough.

Me: You have kids?

Him: Well you see, in our locality, there are a few poor kids. When I worked, I used to support their education. Now even though I have left my job, if I stop supporting them, it will all be for waste. They will be having no future with education. So I decided to continue. Took a loan for my study here. But I am never going to stop helping them.

Me: *Stunned and speechless*


2nd time was very recent. In fact just last evening. This girl was from a commerce background from Delhi. She had no work experience and she had graduated in 2013. Joined IIM Indore in 2014. From my own section, she was saying that she is not going to work for money. She would have to do something which will provide employment to other people and if she can provide employment to 500 people, she will be quite satisfied.

Now all these seems very great to hear and sound very fancy. But it is mostly Globing around. I have seen many people who entered college saying that they have not come for placements. Learning is their motive and what not. But when they are left unplaced after day 2, the truth comes out. I initially dismissed this as something of the sort.

After sometime, a monologue from her:

After graduation, I wasted a year in Delhi. My boyfriend also almost left me saying there was no future with me and I was wasting my time. I actually spent my time doing something I wanted to.

You see, in our colony, people were very lavish. They used to throw parties for every small events. I went up to them and told them to give me their budget and I would ensure proper organization of their parties. There were many parties being organized.

After taking the money, I talked with a few beggars who used to roam in our colony. I actually took their help and started giving them directions as to what to do and started organizing parties. The talent in those people was just too much to ignore. There was a woman, who produced wonderful posters with a brush and paper. It was amazing.

After a couple of events, they started working independently and now there are 15 people who actually run the Event Management team. They organize various events in and around our colony and 15 people who were beggars are actually now earning. It gives me so much of joy to know that I helped 15 people earn a living.

And I was left speechless again. In a place with people from different backgrounds, some extremely rich, some extremely experienced, some from a unique background, diversity is pretty evident in their profiles. But while most people show off, roam around in cars, talk about placements and packages, and desperately cry for 0.5 marks for half an hour, there are these GEMS in the institute who make me proud. Coming from an engineering background, working with an MNC, I had it pretty much easy till now and thought I am going to contribute towards growth, development and what not. But it is these people who are actually worthy of getting recognized. It is these people who do not run after the “COVETED RESUME POINT” but selflessly actually contribute towards the greater good. They are the silent guardian, the watchful protector, THE DARK KNIGHT.

They make Planet-I proud and Make a Difference to the society. I cannot name them yet as this was not written with their consent.



I am Sayantan Banerjee. With engineering knowledge I have decided to hone my management skills from Planet-I. Writing and Photography are my past time and you can find glimpses of the pen being mightier of the sword at the blog named Fishy Piscean on wordpress. 🙂



Shiva Shankar

well written …..sayantan. i think it’s not just youe writing skills but your vivid emotions added more beauty to this article. by the way….even i had a couple of similar experiences……..
– shiva kujja, IIM Indore


Respect for those people, and to you dear Sayantan, who recognised and appreciated them.