The Education system is killing creativity in tomorrow’s Citizen

Education plays a pivotal role in the development of the country and it has become integral part of one’s life just like the basic necessities. Every individual irrespective of their income group wants his son or daughter to get a high quality education that would accrue his knowledge and helps him to succeed in his life. Even the government of India has introduced several packages in its five year plans right from the independence to improve the literacy rates and the educational standards in the country. Several missionary schools were started all over the country for this noble cause.

How Private Schools stepped into the void created by government inefficiency

The lackadaisical attitude in the functioning of the government resulted in the decline in the quality of education in the government run school and the burgeoning middle class started looking for an alternative. This was the time when there were umpteen private schools that came up like mushrooms providing education by maintaining basic standards in their functioning unlike the government run schools. Color uniforms, good infrastructure, qualified teachers and organized way of functioning sidelined the amount of fees paid by the parents. In no time, education sector was booming and competition grew. The increase in competition paved way for the educational institutions to look for innovative ways of teaching to be ahead of their competitors.

 A system that emphasises memorization and rote-learning

Unfortunately the Indian education system changed so drastically that the talent of student is being measured only based on the marks scored by him and the success of the educational system is being measured by the number of students who scored a centum. If the student couldn’t  perform well in the exams, he is tagged ‘Average student’ which is looked at as a disgrace for both to the student and the parents. Hence students are very busy in the rat race to score marks and ranks and are not in a position to realize the main purpose of education i.e. to learn new things. School is not just a place where you learn few subjects, pass the examinations and move out. It is a place where the foundation for the rest of the life like the moral values, behavior in the society and creativity are laid for tomorrow’s generation. But the present education hardly concentrates on these issues. There are very few schools where moral science and personality development counseling are part of their curriculum. There are very few schools with a proper school ground and art room leave, aside the importance given to the extracurricular activities.

The valuable childhood which needs to be spent in learning many a thing is getting curbed inside the four walls of a classroom with a ton of books on their back and pressure from multiple sides including teachers, parents slaying the creativity and enthusiasm of the students to do or think out of box and curtailing the young minds not to think beyond books and scores. As well said by many scholars and think tanks, a country with second highest population in the world is striving hard to win a single gold medal in Olympics, failed to produce a quality football team for the past 60 years and produced a single grand master in chess and no noteworthy achievements in any other sports and on the creative side, two Oscars and very few good writers and Artists. The above facts prove the importance given to the sports and creativity in the country.

More focus on non-academic disciplines is needed

There should be some revolutionary changes to be brought in the education system and few initiatives like ‘Marks for sports’ by NDTV in association with few other NGOs involved stalwarts in all sports in the campaigning to raise funds for the school which lacked  basic sanitation and infrastructure like playgrounds. When a private organization could do a lot to improve the standards, how much can the government do? There should be special law to be passed in addition to the right to education act to make sports and personality development compulsory in the academic curriculum and some percentage of GDP should be allotted to infrastructure development in all the schools and stringent action to should be taken if the schools fail to meet the regulations. In addition, present reservation quota has to be amended thus limiting the caste based reservation and giving more reservation based on the performance in sports and other creative fields. If these measures are implemented in a right way, the day when India excels in other fields in addition to technology is not so far.Ed