The First Month Experience | Mahindra GMC | Nayan Das

So, its already been a month for me here at Mahindra Susten. And what can I say, it has been an exhilarating journey till now!

Mahindra Susten is a company of the Mahindra group which deals in various projects in the sustainability domain. I can still clearly remember when I landed in Mumbai, my guide, Mrs. Sonali, called me to ask whether I reached safely and how was my accommodation and suggested nearby eateries. This created the first impression of the fact of how much Mahindra believes in investing in people.

On the first day, I met with Sonali who is the Product Marketing Manager of Susten and her manager, Mr. Rituraj who is the Brand Manager. I don’t have any buddy associated with me, so my manager/guide is my sole POC. During the initial meeting, she explained the organizational structures and ongoing projects. She also informed me that she is going to involve me in all the operational activities also and slowly, I will start handling them. I was assigned two long-term projects and was asked to prepare a plan for the two and get it approved first. Both the projects required core marketing approach and, being a marketing enthusiast, I was thrilled to receive those.

During the next few days, I met with all the teams within Susten and had an amazing experience. I got to learn about various businesses and their plans. In between, I had a trip to Hyderabad for Market research purposes. I also got a chance to collaborate with various third-party agencies which helped me broaden my scope and experience. Susten had a somewhat start-up structure which gave me the freedom to identify and work on various opportunities at the same time. Throughout the 1st month, my guide was always there for my support and guidance.

I made quite a few friends here and could confidently say some are for life. Internship in a big and yet agile federation like Mahindra gives you the scope of failing fast and growing faster. I had my mid-review few days back and in that got some pointers and appreciation for my last month’s performance. Now I am majorly working on my long-term projects along with handling day-to-day ad-hocs. I hope to deliver to my Manager’s and team’s expectations and make my mark here.

Nayan Das

PGP student at IIM Calcutta. I consider myself to be an ambitious, cheerful, helpful and a patient person. Passionate for acting and travelling and delightfully enjoy Bengali cuisine. Love playing cricket, volley-ball and poker.