The Future of the CAT (Common Admission Test)


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one more thing that I would like to add to your theories is that the number of students eligible for taking CAT should be going up year after year. Back in 2002 when AIEEE was first conducted, about 2.4 lac students appeared for it. Most of these would have written the CAT in 2005/06 and onwards. The number of students appearing for AIEEE has been increasing over the years with the figure at nearly 4 lac in 2005 and nearly 8 lac in 2008. So i would have expected all the increasing number of students to appear for CAT or other MBA exams but that surely does not seem to be the case. Given that, the decline in number of CAT takers is perhaps a more sorry state of affairs.

18 Jan, 2012 |


Why is "awe of CAT" being used as a proxy for attractiveness and usefulness of an MBA :| And in general CAT used as a proxy for MBA..almost! Just why is it so important for CAT as an exam to be very tough and awe inspiring!?

18 Jan, 2012 |


@Hari, the awe of CAT (and i am not putting it in inverted commas) only reflected how much IIMs were in demand. With the no. of applicants going down, it surely tells you how attractive MBA from IIMs and many other allied institutes are considered now when compared to a few years ago. And that is what is precisely been mulled over here. If the exam were easy, anyone would get through, the quality won't be there, and so on. It is an integral part of the identity of IIM.

18 Jan, 2012 |


Can the authorities not see the undemocratic nature of computer based CAT? Will it need a supreme court PIL to restore them to senses? Let's face it - guys from smaller towns can't take it as comfortably as metro students do (statistics prove that)... but no one seems to be bothered. And they talk of diversity!

19 Jan, 2012 |

B schooler

Well, to conclude that less applicants in CAT, would result in brand dilution may not be fully correct. With the new CBT format and UG salaries at good commerce and Engg. schools increasing, CAT may be filled by more serious applicants only thereby increasing competition within the 1.85 lakh applicants. If we analyse deeply the number of Applicants in CAT was highest in 2008 Dec CAT when the B school placements were at a all time high, so many non serious applicants also filled up the forms to create a set of say, dummy candidates who would only end up increasing the percentile of serious one's. Personally, I think that the Quality of IIMs is decreasing because of the reservation fiasco.

20 Jan, 2012 |


@b-schooler, while I agree with your points of lesser applicants could also mean more serious applicants, my intent is to point out that creating newer IIMs without any discretion and regard to quality are resulting in a brand dilution, not the applicants. Applicants are primarily hypothesized to have reduced as an outcome of brand dilution. Hope you get the point...

20 Jan, 2012 |


You are mistaken about the number of candidates who actually appeared for CAT in 2010 and 2011 as opposed to the number of registrations. In CAT 2010, no. of registration was around 2.04 lakh and out of those around 1.86 lakh. While in CAT 2011, no. of registration was around 2.06 lakh (more than last year) and out of those around 1.85 lakh appeared. What you have done is compared the no. of registrations in CAT 2010 (2.04 lakh) with the no. of candidates showing up in CAT 2011 (1.85 lakh) and calling it a "significant drop". The numbers have actually stabilized at around 2 lakh registrations and 1.85 appearances.

23 Jan, 2012 |


^^ above source: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

23 Jan, 2012 |

charankvi are right there...we will amend that point..thanks for the same :)

23 Jan, 2012 |


Also Post MBA no companies would ask wht is ur CAT score but what value add or work experience u have.So going foward i agree with author executive MBA will be the NORM

14 Aug, 2012 |