The Godrej Loud Event At SCMHRD Pune

The word Loud has always accounted for an outcry of gouging eyes. It has always had the connotation of an insistence rather than a suggestion. And then came the event “Godrej Loud” which  simply metamorphosed the structure of the Word “Loud” and gave a fresh perspective to the minds boggled with the obvious. It was not just an event, it was a spectacle where the students of SCMHRD witnessed the blossoming of a vision. The event was not just a platform for the launch of the event – it was so much more. It was the unbecoming of trite, a sketch of the future, an adage to the heroics of a common man becoming a dynamo.

It all started with an address from Parmesh Shahani, the head of Godrej India Culture Lab whose struggle has been a battle of epic proportions. Living in India, bound by the manacles of Section 377 and being Openly Gay is nothing short of living in a “kurukshetra”. Hence, the words that channelled through held a lot of meaning and expression. Yet he never expressed any disregard and was nonchalant about his struggles that one can only imagine. He spoke passionately about his Projects for LGBT community around the world and his passion projects including the Museum of Memories that he curated in the abandoned 60.000 sq.ft Godrej Warehouse, the theatre group he directs featuring transgender, CNN Travel’s compendium “Mumbai’s coolest Queers”, the editor for Verve and so much more. He had a way with his innuendos that kept the audience tickling and yet his messages never missed the mark. His was not the typical address a B-school comes in for,there was so much colour in his voice and so much joy in his ways. He was The autumn leaf in a picture professed in the fringes of mahogany.
Then we had the honour of listening to Sunil Kataria, the Business Head of India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited. He had a very interesting channel of communication. He initially introduced the Top Seven fears that haunt people without a grid which then necked to his own inhibitions. He then exclaimed his experience about his fears and the ways and bouts he came above all the shenanigans. It was a very simple yet a very engaging homily.
To be so and to not be the haveth, was simply the silver lining in the event. The competition where the student has to sketch and brush their dreams in a manner an MBA student is expected to was just the lining that lashed everything up. Now we await the hope which shrouds the future of an Scmhrdian in the event Godrej Loud.

Life’s as unexpected as the hail on a bright sunny day. And this was personified by none other than Jatin Panchal, Head-Alternate channels at Godrej Consumer Products Limited. Imagine a bird being asked not to flap its wings anymore, a sun to gloom, a moon not to sing – that is what shrilled in front of Jatin Panchal. He has always been a junkie who looked for adventure to bite his curb. But one day life decided to blemish, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and later, a major part of his knee had to be replaced which droned him to bed. His craving for adventure went for a whirl and it was an adventure in itself to simply walk. But he never gave up and he made sure his dream became loud. He got better and his adventure accost peaked and scaled newer lengths and breadths of eminence.