The “Good Times” have started rolling ! – MDI Gurgaon


Life has always been a roller coaster ride for me. The more I plan, the more unpredictable it gets.

Just when I got admitted in a decent B-School and was sinking into the whole new world, pops up a mail of MDI counselling and here am I,  an outsider in a batch of 35 students slogging their way to reach Europe. Yes, I got into the PGP-IM course and although technically speaking its been just four weeks here, it feels like a lifetime!

I am actually surprised with myself and had a self-revelation of how much potential I have in me. Time was never so important until now and I went to the extent of thinking what if there were more than 24 hours in a day, would life be any simpler than what it is now?

There is so much enthusiasm running through the veins of this campus. The campus never sleeps! There is hustle bustle at every corner of the campus. Everyone is being tested and everyone has innumerable deadlines to meet but what really touched me is that no one ceases to have fun and live life. Students are laughing, chatting, eating at their favourite joints, sharing knowledge, playing their favourite sport and I can see energy oozing out at every corner that I go to.In this short span of time ,I have seen a major transition in my laidback attitude and am up to take any challenge now. Such a major impact in me when I have just begin my journey gives me great contentment and assures the fact that these two years will probably be the most enriching years of my life when I will literally be a much more refined person and I can’t wait to see the new me!

There are a few thoughts that keep haunting me every now and then, what if I don’t get placed and the huge amount of money goes to a waste, what if it all ends in a crazy euro trip with nothing left in hands, what if I give up fighting everyday meeting deadlines, giving quizzes, competing in challenges??

These random thoughts keep tensing my nerves once in a while and I go deep in my thoughts and struggle to get myself out of it. But a proverb that has made a biggest impact on me so far is that life is really simple, we tend to complicate it by over thinking!

Fuelling the optimistic me which is more dominant, I am a proud ManDevIan.

I cleared one of the toughest exams and cracked the group discussions amongst the brightest minds in our country.My parents can’t stop boasting about my achievement to their friends and the sparkle in their eyes is worth a million for me. There definitely must be something special in me! I am here to stay and I am about to witness a revolutionary experience  and nothing can go wrong from now on. Good times have started rolling!!


Article Contributed by

Shreya Sinha, PGP-IM Class of 2015, MDI Gurgaon

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