The Story of The Class of 2016 – MISB Convocation – A Movie

InsideIIM TV brings you a slice of life from MISB Bocconi through the convocation of the Class of 2016. This video series is a unique way for you to know more about MISB Bocconi and its people.

MISB Bocconi conducted its convocation on 16th April 2016 and bade farewell to its students in the grandest manner. The professors, students and their families were present to celebrate this joyous occasion and the presence of Chief guest Mr Kishore Biyani, CEO Future Group & Mr. Bruno Pavesi, Chief Executive Universita Bocconi, Italy made the occasion even more graceful.

Here are the video snippets of this grand occasion –

Story 1 – Happiest Moments at MISB Ep #1

We take you through the happy moments and emotions of the graduating students and their families. In conversation with the freshly graduated Bocconian Sreehari Shete, he says his happiest moments were when he interacted with people – the group works, the fights, the drama, the happy moments, the parties and the interaction he had with the staff and faculty.



Aakriti Agnihotri’s happiest moment at MISB was when she got selected for Vodafone’s prestigious Discover Program.  For Smriti Misra, her happiest moment was when her professor told her that she has shined in the course and had outdone herself in the B2B marketing course.

Jasmine Jayawant Khanna’s happiest moment was when she got placed at Future Group and she is looking forward to starting her career there. Apart from that, she’s happy about getting her convocation degree.

When Aadil Naik was on his exchange semester in Milan, he rented a BMW motorbike and rode it to 250+kmph on the highway. Niyati Shah was on top of the world when she got selected at Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages.


Story 2 – Most Important Lesson at MISB Ep #2

Smriti Misra, Jasmine Jayawant Khanna, Sreehari Shete, Aadil Naik and Aakriti Agnihotri share with us the most important lessons they learnt at MISB.



Smriti Misra says MISB has taught her to be prepared for anything – no matter what. Even if it’s a class, interview, a meeting or anything, preparation for it is important. MISB taught Jasmine Jayawant Khanna’s how to manage her personal and professional space making her ready to face life.

For Sreehari Shete, he says MISB has taught him to look at things from a holistic perspective. He has gained this from the various guest lectures in drama, finance, marketing, advertising etc. MISB opened doors in various other fields like Project Management other than the usual Marketing, Finance, HR etc. for Aadil Naik which he didn’t even know existed.

Aakriti Agnihotri was able to adapt and take better decisions in life when she had gone for the student exchange program at Milan where she met different people, was introduced to a new culture, food etc. and that’s the most important lesson she learnt at MISB.


Story 3 – Messages from Professors & Alumni Ep #3

Professor Paola Bielli and alumni Abhimanyu Deshpande advise the students of MISB Bocconi on the occasion of their convocation. Prof.Bielli’s remarks are full of insight not only for student of MISB Bocconi but for all graduating students across campuses this year.



Prof Bielli advises the students on 3 fronts. For their professional life, the students should pick up a job offer with the highest learning potential at the beginning of their career. They should have challenging projects, have smart people around and be in a relevant company. The second advice is for their personal life – which is to balance work and life in a better way than people of her generation did. Her final advice is with regards to their social life. She says that India is a fascinating country but there is a lot to be done to cover some of the gaps.

Abhimanyu Deshpande, an MISB alumnus and a PwC management consultant says be exploratory, challenge the limits and always try and network with people where you want to work. He says due to MISB’s global program where he was in Milan for 4 months he was able to interact with various types of people and understand them and their culture better. Hence, networking is important.


Story 4 – Advice for incoming batch Ep #4

Smriti Misra, Aakriti Agnihotri, Sreehari Shete and Aadil Naik advise future Bocconians on how to keep the flame burning.



Smriti Misra says that there is an ocean of knowledge at MISB, so try and learn as much as you can and work hard for it. She also says that trivial things will be noticed by someone inexperienced and not by experienced people which makes a lot of difference so be bold.

Aakriti Agnihotri asks students not to run behind marks because she doesn’t think that numbers are your real worth. She says your real worth will come from your experiences, problems tackled and the solutions you have figured out for those problems.

Sreehari Shete says that MISB is a lovely place to be with lovely faculty and one must make the best use of it. Smriti Misra says that you may get a lot of knowledge but don’t ignore people as you will need to get the work done from them.

Aadil Naik says you are the brand of Bocconi and Bocconi is because of you so take it forward very responsibly.


Story 5- Most inspiring moment at MISB Ep #5

Jasmine Khanna, Aakriti Agnihotri, Niyati Shah and Smriti Misra share their most inspiring moments at MISB Bocconi, Mumbai.



Jasmine Jayawant Khanna’s most inspiring moment at MISB was her first subject of MBA where she scored in honours that too taught by an international faculty and it boosted her. Sreehari Shete’s inspiring moment was the guest lecture by Kishore Biyani who has built an empire for himself because he did something that he loved.

During her summer internship, Aakriti Agnihotri was selected by ICICI Bank which happened to be the first company on campus. She said there was tough competition but she surpassed people with more experience and knowledge than her. This was her most inspiring moment.

The day Niyati Shah got to see her business idol Mr Ratan Tata come on campus was her most inspiring moment at MISB. He told them that you might not always take a right business decision but you must stand by it and make it right.

For Smriti Misra there were many inspiring moments at MISB – having Prof.Robert Grant teaching them was an inspiration in itself, according to her.

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