The Great Indian B School Debate 2014 – Everything you need to know about it!

The Great Indian B School Debate on InsideIIM is back!

The Great Indian B School debate 2014 is in a new avatar and with a lot more at stake. Our 2012 edition was a roaring success. It was judged by journalists covering education from Mint and Business Standard 

One of the biggest changes in this year’s competition is that it is open to all business schools! We had limited the competition to only IIM ABCLIK,XLRI,FMS,MDI,JBIMS. There were a lot of inquiries and grouses on why we weren’t allowing other schools to participate. So that issue has been put to rest now.

About the 2014 competition

There are two stages to the competition. The campus round and the final round.

Campus Round

Each team needs to consist of two participants. The participants need to pick up two existing stories on InsideIIM which they do not agree with and each participant needs to write a counter to one story. Points will be given to both the participants and a team total would be done. You need to have an InsideIIM account to participate. Each participant needs to publish the story in his/her own name.

Test Case : There is an article titled ‘Delay your MBA, for your own sake!‘. Now you can refute this point of view with an entry of your own giving solid reasons why delaying your MBA may not be the best idea. Another example could be this article – “If you are interested in entrepreneurship, do it right away”. Now you can refute this piece of advice too with a solid piece of your own using insight and data from the world around you.

Pick up any article from InsideIIM from any period. Browse the various categories on the red bar at the bottom on all pages or go through the panel on the left on all pages. You can also look at the Best of InsideIIM page to pick up a story to argue against.

As long as there are at least 5 entries from the business school, we will announce a campus winner who will participate in the finals. If there aren’t 5 entries from your school, we will still consider you among the wild cards for the finals and you could still represent your school in the finals.

Campus winners will get a cash prize of INR 500 apart from a resume bullet point of having won on India’s most credible management education portal which is visited by HRs of all top companies in India.  Also, you stand a chance to win more by representing your school in the Finals.

Entries need to be at least 200 words and not more than 1500 words. You can use as many images and videos as you need. Please ensure you give sources of images used. You need to ensure that there are citations given in the form of a link whenever you use data or references from another source.

The competition is open now and you can open an account if you haven’t already and start writing! The competition will close on 19th August 2014 at 23:59:59 hrs.

 For your entry to be considered as part of the competition, you have to indicate that your post is formally an entry for the InsideIIM B school Debate (along with the name of your B school your team mate, and your team name, and the article you are refuting).

Final Round

We will shortlist 20 teams from all the entries that we receive. This means that 20 Business schools will participate in the Finals of the competition. We will then come out with a draw and you will know which school has been pitted against another. The finals will be held between 20th August and 10th September 2014. There will be a Round of 20, Semi Finals and Finals. So a finalist would have gone through 4 rounds of debate in total.

The rules for each round in the finals will be unveiled closer to the date.

Cash Prize for Winners : INR 15,000

Cash Prize for Runners-up : INR 5,000


The finals will be judged by a Campus Relationship Manager/Top HR professional of a leading recruiter. We will announce that in due course.

If you have any queries, ask them in the comments section

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How do we participate in it? Please mention the email address on which the article has to be sent. Thank you.

Team Insideiim

You can participate by writing an article using the self-publish option. Log on to InsideIIM and click and then write your story. It will come to us for approval and we will approve it immediately. In your article, you need to specify that your article is an entry for this debate competition, along with the details of your B school, and your team mate….


Thank you for the prompt response. There has to be two articles by a team; so both should be posted in the single post or two different posts?