The Great Indian B school Debate – Final : IIM Lucknow vs XLRI Jamshedpur

After two weeks of making arguments and counterarguments, trading punches and firing broadsides at one another, it all boils down to this. The grand finale of the Great Indian B school Debate features IIM Lucknow and XLRI Jamshedpur. They will slug it out for first prize and national bragging rights.

The topic for the final is “On this Independence Day, India should allow FDI in multi-brand retail“. Both teams have been asked to argue for and against the topic, and upload their arguments in a video on youtube. The video will not be longer than 20 mins. Over to teams then.

On this Independence Day, India should allow FDI in multi-brand retail

IIM Lucknow

XLRI Jamshedpur – FOR

XLRI Jamshedpur – AGAINST


Team IIM L: Venkatesh SR and R Maheshwaran
Team XLRI : Madhumita Bhattacharya and Bimal V



The base cartoon above is by artist Hossein Kazem of Iran and can be found here


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This was the inaugural year of ‘The Great Indian B School Debate”. Our objective with this competition was to engage the top minds in the country to look at issues concerning the management education sector and other important issues plaguing the country and the planet. What we have witnessed over the last 2 weeks is some extremely incisive analysis of various issues by some of the brightest. We have received various emails and messages appreciating the quality on display by the students.

A special thank you to our judges – Ms.Kalpana Pathak and Mr.Prashant Nanda for taking time out from their extremely busy schedules to judge various stages of this competition. We would also acknowledge the positive role played by the Media, Cultural and the Debating Societies of all the buisness schools participating in this competition.

We promise to return next year with a bigger competition and with an opportunity for many other Indian schools to participate.


Team InsideIIM

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One comment


I would like to say..that the girl from was not having good points.U simply have collected datas from net and read down there.You should discuss in this way
(1)Why FDI in India?(talk of supply chain defects,PDS system,talk about how MSP helps farmer or producer to get their part in the whole process).
(2)talk about 1st FDI in India that had given india a great development way in 1994.
(3)Talk abt Mautritus type of FDI??(Maximum amount from it)
(4)Talk abt demand and supply in really needing for indian popln?(talk abt the product which is more demanding)
(5)Talk abt FDI regulations at place in india.(Competition Act,Monopolies of commodity act launched by indira gandhi govt.)
(6)Why multi-brand ..why not do away only with a single brand??(give examples like Reebok,nike etc)
At last you should conclude with benefits for common mass and for structural development of India?

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