The Great Indian B school Debate – Results of Preliminary Round and Lineups for the Finals

The preliminary round of the Great Indian B School Debate is finally done and dusted. Due to holidays, exams and other events at many B schools, we had fewer entries than expected. However, that did not deter participants of many B schools from putting forth some stirring arguments to support their points. We received more than 30 entries (i.e. more than 60 articles) from 11 institutes. For the finals, we will be taking 12 teams. That includes the 11 winners and one wild-card entry. After long hours of reading and analysing the arguments and writing style, it is now time to announce the finalists……

And the finalists are…….

IIM Trichy – Lucy in the Sky with PowerPoints (Bhanu P and Venkat Iyer)

IIM Ranchi – The Intellect Box (Adarsh and Sayan Kar)

IIT Kanpur – Voyagers (Ketan Bagga and Varun Sharma)

IIT Kharagpur – Quarks (Ishan Dogra and Vamsi Krishna Manchi)

IIFT Delhi – The Foreign Hand (Purvabh Surana and Satyaki Mascharak)

MDI Gurgaon – Ruskin (Vinti Narula and Debayan Roy)

IIM Bangalore – The Chillaxs (Nabeel Salim and Farzyn Sheikh)

IIM Calcutta – Transformers (Premanand S and Arun Prasad)

IIM Lucknow – Twisted Minds (Reshal Jain and Swati Thakur)

XLRI Jamshedpur – Rebels (Ansuman Mishra and Akshay Kattuputhur Murali)

Delhi School of Economics – Sublime Magicians (Ashish Verma and Anurag Ghosh)

Apart from these 11 campus winners, we have also selected a wild card entry among the other participants. This team was chosen as the best entry among the other participants….

Wild Card Entry – Kanti Shah Ki Entry from IIM Trichy (Vishnu Poduval and Subhash Rajeev).

The line-ups for the finals are as follows

IIM Trichy vs IIM Ranchi (Lucy in the Sky with PowerPoints vs The Intellect Box)

IIT Kanpur vs IIT Kharagpur (Voyagers vs Quarks)

IIFT Delhi vs MDI Gurgaon (The Foreign Hand vs Ruskin)

IIM Bangalore vs IIM Calcutta (The Chillaxs vs Transformers)

IIM Lucknow vs XLRI Jamshedpur (Twisted Minds vs Rebels)

Delhi School of Economics vs IIM Trichy (Wild Card Entry) (Sublime Magicians vs Kanti Shah ki Entry)

Rules of the Debate

–  We will be announcing the topics 24 hrs before the deadline for submission on battle day.

– Teams have 24 hrs to submit their opening arguments.

– After both teams have submitted their opening arguments, each team will then have to submit the counterpunch within the next 24 hrs – the Counterpunch is the response to their opponents arguments.

– Audience can attack the arguments of both teams, and participants can defend their arguments.

– Four out of the 12 B schools will take part in the semi-finals.

– Final round will be a video debate.

– Please note it is possible that both the teams debating for/against a topic can qualify for the finals if we see quality in the arguments. You are hence competing with all 11 teams and not just your opponent. We also encourage other teams to attack the teams involved in  a battle other than theirs. Teams will be given points in this round for opening arguments, counter-punch, and for attacking the arguments in other battles.


The First Battle – IIM Trichy vs IIM Ranchi.

Deadline for Submission – Sunday 24th August 2014 EOD.

Topic will be announced by EOD of Saturday 23rd August 2014.

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