The MBA course in India is over-rated : IIM Lucknow vs IIM Trichy – Debate Grand Finale

It is now time for the finals of the Great Indian B School Debate. From more than 30 teams, we whittled down to six, and after a bruising round of punches and counter punches, we came up with the four semifinalists – IIM Trichy, IIM Lucknow, IIFT Delhi and IIM Ranchi. The semifinals were in a Live Debate format where the contestants initially submitted their opening arguments and continued the debate in the comments section. In case you’re late to the show, you can catch up on the first semifinal (The Tablet has No Future – IIM Trichy vs IIM Lucknow) and the second semifinal (Football will Overtake Cricket in India – IIFT Delhi vs IIM Ranchi). All four teams argued passionately. It is now time to announce the participants of the Grand Finale.

The Finalists are IIM Trichy and IIM Lucknow. Hearty congratulations to Team Lucy in the Sky with Powerpoints (Venkat Iyer and Bhanu P) from IIM Trichy and Team Twisted Minds (Swati Thakur and Reshal Jain) from IIM Lucknow. The quality of their debate was better. IIM Trichy and IIM Lucknow will now participate in the Grand Finale of the Great Indian B School Debate. The topic for the grand finale is “The MBA course in India is over-rated“. Please bear in mind that the topic is about the MBA course in general and not IIMs or any particular B school.

The Grand Finale will be a video debate. Both teams have been asked to argue for and against the topic, and upload their arguments in a video on youtube. The video will not be longer than 20 mins. Over to teams then.

The MBA course in India is over-rated

IIM Lucknow’s Arguments FOR and AGAINST the topic

Part 1:

Part 2:

Team Twisted Minds from IIM Lucknow, comprising Swati Thakur and Reshal Jain, signs off.

IIM Trichy’s Arguments FOR and AGAINST the topic


Team Lucy in the Sky with Powerpoints, comprising Venkat Iyer and Bhanu P, signs off.



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