The IIFT Bhawan

Uniqueness is something which sets you apart from the crowd, that’s what has remained the legacy of IIFT-“Indian Institute of Foreign Trade”. The name itself is unique in the B-school world, the only institution in India that provides you with an MBA degree in International business. Distinguished and prominent names in the Industry are the product of this very institution. The campus itself is a crazy place to be in, starting from the entrance, leading to the wings of wisdom: – the iconic statue, which will drive your journey towards the “top of the world “just above the statue. Space is small but organized in such a manner that it hosts a wide range of events from conclaves to cultural fest within that, which exhibits the uniqueness of the people with a gist of craziness when they organize and enjoy the parties.

Starting from my induction program with the faculty and seniors to my fresher’s party, which recently took place, and to my classes, there has been a wide range of incidents from which I can predict the type of madness, craziness, and innocence with a variety of other qualities people are equipped with. The fact is I am back to the college life after working for 4 years and this place has an aura which reminds me of my college days back then, filled with excitement and fun.

Induction program was one of the intense and rigorous things which I had been through. It made me realize one phenomenon that “Nothing is Impossible” and surviving that process where we had been given narrow deadlines to complete the task, learning the power of bonding during breaks, a process to unite the unknowns in a harmony that they will eventually become a FAMILY. From forgetting the intros and roll numbers, meeting the deadlines and being sleep deprived with a bit of fun during the process makes it unique in itself. It was one in a lifetime experience that our seniors had planned for us. The next crazy thing happened to me was my class, filled with a variety of people- fresher, people with work experience of around 5 years with profile diversity and age ranging from 23-30 years. Their laughter, the knowledge they possess, all itself was distinct from the others, a wide range of profiles and their compatibility in few days with a sense of bonding actually stunned me as from the corporate world this can’t be the real situation. It all seems imaginary but yes I was the lucky one who was experiencing it and that was a memorable moment for me.

Last but not the least was the fresher’s. A full on party, dance with drinks on the rocks was the biggest stress buster of all. Interaction with seniors informally and get to know there another side actually stumbles me and filled me with the curiosity that how well they can manage anything and even after searching several answers I get to know it’s not us but the Place:- IIFT which will make you like this super cool amazing. I’m glad to be part of this institute and proudly I can say “I AM AN IIFTIAN”.

IIFT Placement Commitee