The InsideIIM Helplines for CAT 2014 and Beyond – Viber, Live Chat and Counselling

CAT 2014 is less than 48 hours away.

In less than 6 months from now, most of you will be in some of the finest schools in India. The first step towards it starts on Sunday.

In order to be with you all through this process we have opened up 3 channels of communication for you to interact with us. All the channels are free for you to use.

All your queries will be answered by alumni of IIMs/XLRI/ISB only. Specific Test Prep queries could be handled by experts most of whom are also from IIM.

Queries which are procedural in nature will be given less priority. Most such queries are solved if the poser of the question reads the instructions carefully.

How to reach us :

Viber/Whatsapp Helpline – You will be responded to real-time. Your questions will not be public. We will be doing regular chats on Viber. However, students registered with us will be responded to. You will also get a steady stream of live updates on shortlists, deadlines etc. We are available to help you between 10 am to 7 pm real-time. All messages sent after 7 pm and before 10 am could take a while before they are replied to.

Live Chat – Open chat which is on all the time. Apart from us, fellow participants could also help you. We do scheduled expert chats regularly.

InsideIIM Counselling – One on One Counselling via Email. The first interaction is free. InsideIIM Counselling helps you prepare for interviews, essays, group discussions etc. Beyond the first interaction, there are paid sessions. 95% of students coached by us online last year got through their dream schools.

Team InsideIIM

We are the team behind your favourite platform.