The Journey to Springfinity (Video)


What is Springfinity?

Springfinity is the state or quality of infinite rebirth or renewal. Spring is the time when the snow thaws, flowers bloom, produce abounds, and all the world seems new again. Springfinity, quite literally, is infinite spring. Springfinity is also an online aggregator of plants, gardening accessories & services, organic produce and green consumer products. It is everything from the garden.

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The Journey to Springfinity

Gardening has long remained a hobby that has been pursued by those who have the luxury of both time and space. Most urban Indians are already part of the LOHAS category (Lifestyle of Health and Sustaiinability), but not everyone knows how to set up their own garden without spending too much time. Hectic work schedules and cramped living spaces do not help either.

The Journey to Springfinity begins with a simple solution to the urban casual gardener – The Springfinity startup kits. These kits come with a flowered plant, pot with hanger, all the necessary supplements, and an easy DIY guide that helps people maintain their garden with onl 20 minutes of care a week. Shipping live plants has always been a challenge that the gnomes at the garden relish, and you can find out how its done here :

The Road ahead

The brand has already made inroads into the casual gardening market with a large collection of Orchids, Anthuriums and other horticultural plants. Springfinity plans to introduce seeds, kitchen garden accessories and hydroponics in the near future. Vendors can register on the Springfinity portal, and the team gets back for quality assesment and logistics support.

Anand Sankar

Co Founder at Springfinity



Mohtashim Hashmi

Nobel venture. All the best guys.
I strongly believe that the young generation is more aware and concern about the environment. However, tight deadlines, fitness and travel etc.. takes most of their time. Springfinity can help the urban settlers to be more close to greens and nature and inculcate gardening as a hobby.

Tarini Bandhu

Fantastic venture. Such a simple and beautiful idea, which allows for a long forgotten hobby and gives so much colour and joy in an otherwise clockwork life! Great job. All the very best.