The Most Awaited Day For The Batch Of 2016-18 At IIM Ranchi

The first hint that our seniors, particularly the Alumni and International Relations Committee of IIM Ranchi, gave us about the grand get-together for the batch of 2016-18, was through a mail whose subject line was “TOP SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION”. There was also a pre-requisite mentioned in the mail: – to look HOT and SMOKING. This was enough to raise the excitement levels in our hearts to the levels of sky and sustain it throughout the week. I am not so sure about the guys but almost every girl that I met during the entire week spoke about what to wear and what not to wear. The discussions on the colour, type, fabric of the dress, the accessories to be worn seemed to go on for eternity. One thing that I knew for sure, which applied well to both the genders was that the event was yet another great opportunity for people who were ‘Single and ready to Mingle’. A wonderful opportunity to see your crush in a dashing attire and be crushed all over again.

Finally, the evening of 28th August 2016 witnessed students of IIM Ranchi dressed to the nines for what was one of the most awaited events among both batches – the Fresher’s  party of the batch 2016-18. As we reached the venue, Celebrations Hall, Karamtoli, Ranchi, the fervour and merriment was palpable.  Once the crowd seated itself, the event was commemorated by the organisers, the Alumni and International Relations Committee of IIM Ranchi. They began by thanking the guests and kind sponsors of the event.

After that was a performance by High Note – the music band of IIM Ranchi. They wowed the audiences with their soulful renditions of the songs, Ambar and Pal. This was followed by more entertainment for the crowds as some juniors were called upon for an impromptu role-play.

Then the big event for the evening, the Mr. and Ms. Fresher competition commenced. Called upon stage were the candidates, selected previously by a vote among both batches. A wild-card entry was also included. The first task for the participants was to introduce themselves and explain why they deserved to win the coveted titles. This led to some interesting speeches by the participants which led the audience burst into laughter. Next, each of them was required to nominate a senior who would pitch for them to the crowds as to why they deserved the title. The crowds witnessed the participants coax their favourite seniors into endorsing them to help them win.  The winners were then selected from the participants based on who got the loudest cheer from the audience. Ms. Komal Kapoor, who had been endorsed by none other than the Secretary of the Student Council, and Mr. Saad Hashmi, the wild-card entry who regaled the crowds with his theatrics and claimed that it was destiny that he was selected to be one of the contenders, were conferred with the titles of Ms. And Mr. Fresher respectively for the batch of 2016-18.

The sponsors were felicitated and given a small gift as a token of gratitude by the organisers. The event wound up with dinner being served and the dance-floor opened. Even the students who had gained the “Nerdy” status in my batch left me in amazement by their dance. It just proved the versatility of my batch-mates. All of us were enjoying ourselves as we interacted with each other over delicious food. It was a great place for us to network as well as have fun. It was an evening of selfies and pictures and grooving to peppy music till the night ended. The event could best be described as Flamboyance Redefined.

After many days filled with tight deadlines amidst class lectures, guest lectures, assignments, competitions, quizzes, exams and the clubs/committees selection process; I am sure every person in my batch would agree with me that this evening was truly fascinating and exhilarating for all of us.


About the Authors :


This article is the result of a team work by Media and PR committee of IIM Ranchi and me. I am a student of IIM Ranchi belonging to 2016-18 batch and a part of InsideIIM student team 2016-17. Media and PR committee of IIM Ranchi is one of the coolest committees and acts as the main bridge for communication between our institute and the outside world.