The non-IIM Top Indian Business Schools Alumni Report – Part 1

As we did for the 6 ‘Old’ IIMs, we shall follow the same process for Top non-IIM Indian Business Schools. Most of these schools barring ISB are very old and are likely to have alumni in good positions in very good companies. It shouldn’t be surprising if a lot of them have better alumni base across companies as compared to IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode. XLRI is the oldest which was established over 60 years ago. FMS and JBIMS are also 50 years old. SPJIMR is over 25 years old as well.

This part only deals with current locations and companies of alumni who have passed out in the last 15 years.

Please note the following before you proceed forward :

1) The data may include a few fake profiles. However, The number is too insignificant to distort the trend.

2)It includes professionals who may have attended other programmes at these institutions. Not everyone, in the sample has attended the 2 yr flagship programme or the 1 yr flagship programme in ISB’s case. For e.g. it may even include someone who has done a 3 day certificate programme at any of these institutions or a 1 day Executive Programme.

3) It includes current students who are undergoing summer internships and have updated their profile with the name of the organization they are interning in.

4)We have not filtered for domain/function. So if there is someone in a bank’s technology team, since he/she is an employee of the bank, it would be counted below.

ISB is definitely a very impressive story. Technically, its the youngest of the top business schools in India. But, despite that has grown by leaps and bounds and carved out a unique place for itself. While many credit the progressive management and state-of-art infrastructure and the money pumped in, it’s not just a question of private vs. public education institution. It’s the fact that there are so many older private schools in India who have not been able to achieve so much success in decades which ISB has done in 10 years. You have to appreciate it. There are 67 ISB Alums in McKinsey & Co.

Yes, you could argue that it is not directly comparable to the IIMs and other schools as it predominantly serves a different age category. Even then, it is a very impressive story. There is a lot that goes into it beyond money and famous people backing it.

Total Sample : 7,201

There was never any doubt that XLRI is one of the top business schools of India. Not only in terms of placements but from an overall experience perspective. In our dealings, we have often noted that XLRI Alumni are very passionate about their school!

Please note that over 1000 alums in the sample claimed they were in the Human Resources function.

Total Sample : 6,905

FMS Delhi has historically always had great placements. Same is the case with JBIMS Mumbai. They probably have the best access to alums because they are situated in Delhi and Mumbai respectively.

Total Sample : 2,992

Another school which has always used a different approach in doing things. Whether it is admissions or the way people specialize. There is great industry interface and SPJIMR uses its location advantage to good effect.  SPJIMR alumni seem to do very well after graduation. There are certain companies where you shall see a significant SPJIMR population.

Please note SPJIMR has a lot of other programmes which increases its alumni base significantly. Some students who are at SPJCM Dubai/Singapore also claim SPJIMR in their profile.

Total Sample : 6,079

JBIMS Mumbai has tremendous legacy and is situated in the heart of the financial district in Bombay. Given it’s batch size and the strength of the alumni base it is unlikely that placements will ever be an issue at JBIMS. Again, like FMS Delhi the Return on Investment is extra-ordinary. It is unmatched in the world.

Total Sample : 3,115

We believe institutions like SPJIMR, XLRI and ISB have a lot gain going forward simply because of  the fact that companies are becoming acutely aware that over 90% of the graduating batch from these campuses would have reached there purely on merit. There may be a time lag but it will happen.

Next, we shall bring you the Consulting, FMCG and Banking & Finance break-up for the above schools.


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ISB has 55 people in Google?! Now thats a company I havent seen in any of the IIMs in the reports earlier. And McKinsey 67. BCG 24. Respect. IIM LIK,XLRI need to learn from ISB.


Rajat gupta was the chairman of ISB. Isnt it enough to pull the big names in consulting. Year on Year consult placements at ISB are on par with ABC or even better.


well i am not sure wether ISB wud like to associate itself with rajat gupta nw or in future .


Yes, because people dont opt for some of the profiles of Google like planner etc. I know of 2 friends of mine studying in IIMs who applied and got shortlisted but withdrew their applications for google


There are 52 alums of SPJIMR in P&G! Is it the supply chain role mainly? I guess the operations guys at SPJain would be in bulk here?


I think NITIE has more alums(double the number ?) in P&G than those from SPJIMR. Of course, a majority of them would be in Operations. Same should be the case with IIM I/K

k a mazumdar

please run the same for IMT Ghaziabad and MDI please?
It would be very insightful…


I wonder why NITIE is consistently ignored in this forum. If you talk to people in the industry NITIE is often talked in the same breath as the ones mentioned above, agreed finance/marketing is a little less at NITIE but for the ROI and profiles offered in Supply Chain there is hardly any better institute. If you do a similar run on Linkedin you will get the result in terms of profile as well, but as usual Supply chain is looked down upon for no rhyme or reason, those in the industry know better. I am a current student at NITIE.