Where are the Non-IIM Top School Alumni?

This is the second round of the 2014 Alumni reports. We focus on Top Indian B schools outside the six older IIMs. For coverage of the six older IIMs, read Part One herePart  Two here and Part Three here. View the Tableau Visualizations here and here.

For Part one of the non-IIM Top MBA Alumni Report, we are focussing on eight leading non-IIM B schools: ISB Hyderabad, XLRI, FMS Delhi, SPJIMR, JBIMS, MDI, NITIE and IIFT. The methodology is similar to the earlier report, i.e. we are looking at a universe of people who have mentioned these eight B schools as part of their ‘Education’ between 1997 and 2014 on their LinkedIn profileThis report focuses on the top locations where they work, top companies where they work and main organizational functions. The time period for the study, 1997 to 2014 – includes 18 batches of the flagship program at these schools. This period has been divided into two equal parts – 1997-2005, and 2006-2014. In case of ISB, we have considered a single continuous time period from 2002 to 2014, which reflects the thirteen batches that have graduated since the B school began.

Disclaimers: It is user generated data. There may be fake profiles and we cannot vouch for 100% accuracy. We suggest you look at the general trend. The numbers below include professionals who could have done short courses. The numbers below do not include most Class of 2013 graduates as they have not started work/not updated their LinkedIn profiles yet. There may be a minor instance of double counting at the boundary (2004-2005) because of the way LinkedIn categorizes these alumni, but this is uniform to both data sets, and the trend is not affected as such.


We start with the Tableau Dashboard for overseas MBA Alumni – Trends can be seen below

ISB: 2002 to 2014






Observations ISB has truly been a success story in consulting. Look at the list of recruiters in this lineup, that too within a short span of 13 years – McKinsey, BCG, Google, Microsoft. ISB’s performance in the other domains is less impressive.

XLRI Jamshedpur





For XLRI Jamshedpur we were unable to break out the records by BM and PMIR courses. HR is the most popular function among XLRI alumni. Accenture has been the most favoured company among the alumni over the last eight or nine years. XLRI Jamshedpur is expected to grow stronger in Consulting, having made inroads into BCG (2011) and recently McKinsey.

FMS Delhi










Clearly there is evidence of a shift towards consulting from FMS’ data (both, top companies and . FMS’ alumni base is extremely well balanced across various domains – FMCG, Consulting, Banking etc.









SPJIMR has strengthened its consulting focus – if you look at the summary data for functions. SPJIMR has an impressive number of foreign alumni. This could be partly because of their Global MBA of course, but it is nevertheless substantial. There is a significant presence in IT companies.









IIFT’s location – Delhi, means that it continues to attract banking and finance recruiters (there are some middle-office and support roles at top MNC banks out of Gurgaon). Shift from consulting to finance is visible here too, in the summary data.






It almost looks as if the banking recession didn’t happen to JBIMS. Finance continues to remain preferred over consulting, and the list of companies with maximum number of alumni is heavily skewed towards finance companies.

MDI Gurgaon






Consulting has gained popularity among MDI alumni, as seen from summary data. You can also see a significant presence of MDI alums in Accenture, Deloitte, EY and KPMG. Simultaneously, MDI has also benefited from its location in Gurgaon – allowing it to attract MNC banks offering middle-office and other roles.






Again, at NITIE there is a good balance across all domains and functions (banking and finance, consulting, FMCG, IT etc). Consulting – (operations consulting) is NITIE’s preferred function – it has been over both the periods.

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Nitin Jain

I was wondering why InsideIIM doesnt cover other colleges like NMIMS etc!! As in the College is not that good to be counted or is it that they don’t coordinate or some other XYZ reason. Considering this site has been very helpful in regards to even minute details of MBA life and it seems to shun some colleges seems a bit odd. Writing this as an observer and just out of curiosity. If anyone got a clue on this, do let me know. Thx InsideIIM for the wonderful articles..


Hi, Team.
Did you not consider TISS because it doesn’t make the cut for the top 6 non IIMs colleges? From what I gather, TISS certainly ranks higher than JBIMS. Could you please shed some light on your decision? For us, your each word counts.

GS Vamsi Krishna

TISS is a very good college only for HRM LR, so it cannot be counted as a full fledged B-School and hence doesnt fit the bill. All 60 students of HR in TISS will enter corporate as HR.

Jaydeep Ghose

very odd , what about other top colleges like NMIMS, SIBM , TISS ,IIT MUM , XIMB …. certainly these colleges make the cut … why ignore these colleges ??