The non-IIM Top MBA Alumni Report 2014 – Part Two (FMCG, Tech, Telecom, E-Commerce)

Having seen the locations, companies and functions for the non-IIM top MBA Alumni in the earlier report – (The non-IIM Top MBA Alumni Report 2014 – Locations, Companies and Functions), we now move on to the second part – Alumni presence in top FMCG, Tech, Telecom and E-Commerce firms.

Key Insights:

XLRI, NITIE, SPJIMR and FMS DElhi have the largest number of students in FMCG companies. ISB has not made significant inroads in this sector.

HUL and Procter & Gamble have been the major FMCG recruiters from the top non-IIM B schools. Recently, even ITC has become a major recruiter.

ISB’s performance is extremely impressive in the top tech firms like Google (it has 54% of the alumni base in this dataset), Facebook (64%) and Microsoft (37%). The only other campus that has a reasonably strong presence across companies is XLRI

Dashboard 1: Top campuses in FMCG

Dashboard 2: Campus-wise distribution for Top FMCG Companies

Dashboard 3: Top campuses in Tech, Telecom and E-commerce

Dashboard 4: Campus-wise distribution for top Tech, Telecom and E-Commerce companies


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Ever heard of something called batch size? The whole presentation of data is NOT the way expected from insideiim. They should have adjusted the batch strength or put a disclaimer at the start, saying these represent absolute numbers and that the batch size of other B schools, above FMS, ranges from more than 1.5 times to even 4 times to that of FMS.

PS: Neither I am from FMS nor I am going to join it. It’s just that when people start comparing apples with oranges, it doesn’t seem right.


This presentation looks so clumsy & hurts the eye. The previous tabular format was so much better….


I find it hard to understand the logic behind these reports. When batch sizes in all the colleges are so different, how do absolute numbers make any sense. For example someone having a cursory look at the global map in your previous report would deduce that FMS provides the least number of opportunities overseas to its students when by your own statistics XLRI has almost thrice the number of people graduating during 2006-2014. For these statistics to make any sense they should have been adjusted for difference in class sizes(for ex % of ISB grads in US = No of ISB grads in US/total no of students graduating out of ISB). This distortion seems to hurt FMS the most, as these statistics in suggesting that in terms of job opportunities provided, FMS is in the bottom half among this group which is contrary to popular opinion. If people start making reports listing absolute number of opportunities across sectors, profiles, companies,countries for Wharton grads vis-a-vis for instance Stanford GSB grads and MIT Sloan grads, those reports will clearly portray, albeit incorrectly, that Wharton grads have access to far greater number of opportunities because batch size there is 1600 odd as compared to 800 each at Stanford and MIT. Guys I know that FMS and you guys are not in best of terms. But atleast be fair to the college and simply stop covering it in your articles. Every MBA aspirant worth his/her salt is aware(yes they know that current Yahoo India MD is an FMS grad and FMS is the only indian B School to have produced a global head of a top 5 consult in the form of former CEO of Booz ) of the kind of formidable presence that FMS alumni have at the very top of TAS, mahindra, marketing giants, and other top companies. By continuing to cover FMS(and showing it as a lesser institute through omissions if not through commisions) you are doing disservice to your noble cause of providing unbiased insights to MBA aspirants.

PS- Not an FMS student but I am surely an aspirant