The One And Only Sacrosanct Rule At Any IIM

I think there is only one sacrosanct rule at the IIMs. And that is punctuality.

Don’t miss the deadlines. Not even by a second. And before you think I am exaggerating, know that I too once had a professor slam the door on my face because I reached literally after the clock had just struck 8.45 AM.

If you are going for a club interview, be on time. If there is a submission due, make sure you have enough time on hand so that you are not prevented from submitting because of a slow server. Just set all your clocks ahead by 15 minutes (and forget about it) and you should be fine.

There is no dress code. Except for during placements and company presentations. Of course, it is considered good manners if you ditch extreme casual wear (shorts, sleeveless shirts, open footwear etc) for other official purposes – club induction meetings, during college fests, while presenting in class etc (that is, when you know you would be).

Apart from that, some “unofficial” rules (from personal experience and hearsay) would be:

  1. If you are an early riser, wake up your neighbours for that day’s classes.
  2. Do not set things on fire after a night of revelry.
  3. Do not gloat about your placement and/or salary package. Just don’t.
  4. Try and be on campus even if you get placed on the first day. Your dorm-mates certainly can use your support and help during the rest of the placement season.
  5. Go on a couple of road trips every year with your inner circle.
  6. Be on the lookout for the ones that need help. The tenure at IIMs is a very taxing one, and every year breaks at least a few people. It could be someone you know. Just be receptive. If you haven’t seen someone in quite some time, they may be busy. But it is also plausible that they are fighting their personal battles. If you sense a great deal of change (and not for the better) in someone, it is easy to write it off as arrogance. But again, it could be that they are desperately trying to fight their way through their own pandemonium.



About the Author:

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