The Penultimate Week As A Mahindra GMC Intern!

The penultimate mile of the internship was all about formulating the perfect execution plan. Being working in the strategy domain of scaling up a relatively new business of Mahindra, I had major challenges to project significant numbers.

The journey or I would say, the experience of meeting some of the finest brands in the Indian customization industry, is the most important takeaway for me. My project involved interacting, surveying and devising a synergy plan of the business with the regional brands in customization.

Being a auto enthusiast, I was really thrilled to meet the best auto designers and offroading clubs of the country. It was a completely new domain for me and I took some time to understand the nuances and lingos of this industry. But spending a couple of days with the dealer networks in Chandigarh and Bangalore helped me to proceed seamlessly.

I got to ride the best of the customised vehicle from the house of DC, RevHeads and Rajputana Jeeps. Coming across the designs and product portfolio of auto customizers like Motormind (Bangalore), DC Designs (Pune) and Rajputana Customs (Jaipur) was really an inspiration for young auto enthusiasts like me. The creativity and presentations in the products were commendable.

Apart from the exposure and learnings, the GMC programme puts you in a segment of some of the best B-school talents across the country. The kind of discussions we used to have in Mahindra Park on topics ranging from the economic policies to general elections to sports and the business prospects of Mahindra were unparalleled.


Md Nashim Akhtar