The ‘PI’ Season Is On And Here Are The Tips

With the admissions season on fire, the pressure increases on the aspiring students who want to crack the best b-schools in India and emerge as the best among a lot of thousand others. The pressure boils down to one point when one reaches the final and the decision making round – The Personal Interview Round.

When you make through all the hurdles and reach the final lap, you definitely don’t want to goof up and spoil the months of hard work and toil. It is the final test of your perseverance and hard work, your capabilities and your confidence, that makes you the perfect candidate or not. And as all these thoughts start haunting you in your dreams, the final question is (dramatic pause) – Will I be able to make it?

People start bombing their questions on WhatsApp or Facebook groups created specially to handle all their queries. The atmosphere becomes hotter and the time seems to slow down before the final showdown.

I am lucky enough come across such round of questions in one such group (won’t/can’t mention the name) which I would like to share.

I am a 2013 pass-out, science graduate. Will my gap of 4 years cause any problem?
What should I be wearing for my PI?
What question will be asked during PI?
Will it be academic-oriented?
What should I say if they ask “Why did you choose this stream?”
I do fumble at times while speaking, will that be an issue?

…and the list goes on!

Also, the to-be’s crave for the experiences of others who have had a taste of the red room of pain so that they can prepare themselves for the worst or the best. The one’s who have attended share their experiences eloquently on any social media platform because they are able to feel the tension of the ones who are still in the queue.

Please share your experience!
Is the panel grilling the students?
Did they ask anything about your work experience?
Please give examples of the type of Current Affair questions asked.

…and the list will go on, again!

And this cycle repeats every year.

Whether you are an MBA aspirant or an MBA student, you would definitely relate to this article because you will see your present or the past repeating itself every year. The panic, the tension, the questions coming to your mind in the middle of the night, the preparations, the mocks, the successes and the failures, the hurdles, the confidence, the guts and the stomach cramps…all of this is something which we all went or are going through.

The point is, irrespective of what your profile says, what you have done in the past and what your plan is for the future, at this crucial point all you need to do is believe. Believe in yourself and your hard work. Believe in your imagination and in your experience. Believe in your past and in your future. Believe that you will be able to do it because (another dramatic pause) you deserve it.

Now as you prepare yourself for your PI round, don’t forget to add this ingredient to the mixture because at the end of the day that’s the only thing that will keep you going not just in a PI (the final dramatic pause) but also in your life.



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