The Six IIM Alumni Report – Visualized (Locations, and FMCG, Tech, E-Commerce, Telecom)

We started using Tableau visualizations for better analysis and communication of trends in the Alumni report. See the first set of visualizations here. They visualize the six IIM alumni report data for Banking and Consulting. We now proceed to visualize the data for locations, followed by FMCG, Tech, E-Commerce and Telecom companies.

The main trends are summarized below:

Geographical Locations: We have analysed the presence of IIM alumni in the main foreign locations, namely USA, UK, Singapore, and UAE.

–   USA: IIM Bangalore dominates USA with 1000 alumni. This is notably higher than IIM C : 893 and IIM A – which has only 620 alumni in the USA.

–   UK: IIM A and IIM B dominate UK, with 26% of the total six IIM alumni base, although IIM C is close behind with 24% of the alumni base.

–   Singapore: IIM C clearly dominates Singapore with 31% of the six IIM alumni base, followed by IIM A with 28% and IIM B with 25%.

–   UAE: IIM A and IIM C dominate UAE with 32% and 30% of the six IIM alumni base. IIM B clearly doesn’t have a strong presence in UAE – with only 14% of the alumni base here.


–   IIM C has the most dominant presence in FMCG, followed by IIM A and IIM L. IIM B’s relatively low emphasis on FMCG is visible from the data.

–  HUL and P&G are by far the greatest FMCG recruiters of managerial talent in India. They have been doing this for years. For quite some time, HUL has been a breeding ground for CEOs of corporate India.

–  IIM B dominates in E-commerce and Tech. This should come as no surprise. It is followed by IIM C and IIM L. It looks like IIM A alumni are not that interested in working for tech companies. IIM C dominates in Telecom because of massive hiring by Airtel.

Moving on to the visualizations.

Dashboard One: Six IIM Alumni presence in top foreign locations


Dashboard Two: Top six IIM campuses: Presence in FMCG

Dashboard Three: Distribution of IIM graduates across FMCG companies

Dashboard Four: Top six IIM campuses: Presence in Tech, E-Commerce, Telecom

Dashboard Five: Distribution of IIM graduates across Tech, E-Commerce, Telecom companies


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