Having faced the rapacious Corporates in the past 6 months, I return back to Campus revisiting the window of my College’s Classroom – ‘The Soul Window!’


I look out of the window wearing some lewd glasses,

The window directs my vision and the Glasses paint things blue

Am I me or just a view from someone’s window?

If I am not me, who should I be?

Who Should I be?




There will be many windows, but this one will never be back

There will be many glasses, but this one will never go wrong

There will be perspectives, but nothing will display what this can see

What this can see……….


Life is a harried race, where souls blissfully walk down a jilted road

‘Talent’ is a currency for achieving some preposterous goals.

An evocative gaze down this acquainted window yields a profuse glee

Beneath those Business Suits, somewhere there’s a tattered piece of me!

Beneath those Business Suits, lies a withering sight of me!