The Reason Behind My Passion For Operations & Supply Chain – Anurag From XLRI

Nowadays I have a few points on my resume like Six Sigma Green Belt, MBASKOOL.Com’s Most Popular Article award for authoring “Building a Supply Chain for Rural India”, published articles in XLRI & VGSOM’s Operations Magazines etc. to justify my interest for Operations & Supply Chain but the real knack for Ops developed or essentially the kick, came from an unskilled worker’s appreciation in a consulting assignment in a FMCG firm. To illustrate the fact, I need to go down the memory lane to Jan-Feb 2014 when I was working with one of the big 4 as a functional SAP Consultant in Production Planning domain. I was stationed in Kolkata as an onsite consultant in a leading biscuit and cake manufacturing company where I was responsible for As-Is study, To-Be design, Business Process Reengineering & successful implementation of the same.

I won’t bother you with too much technical details but in a nutshell the company was experiencing huge production losses due to inefficient resource planning & scheduling and I used Standard SAP practice of Capacity Planning, Scheduling of Work Centres and back flushing to encounter the issue. In return to my efforts, I was able to put down a valuable quantitative CV point on my resume. But beyond that the positive impact I was able to register made me awestruck. Three days after implementation of the revised process I visited the production site. An unskilled worker in his late 50s came running towards me with a wide smile, shook my hand and expressed his appreciation by saying “Wah Sahab, Maan gaye!! Aap umar mein chhote ho lekin kaam bohot bade kiye. Ek jhatke mein loss 10% kaam ho gaya mere line pe!! Ab Supervisor ka daant har din nahi khana padega..Bohot dhanyebaad, Saalam Sahab”. Neither client appreciation nor Project Manager’s outstanding feedback  gave me as much satisfaction for my accomplishments as this did. Now when I look back I attribute my knack and passion for Ops to this man. An unskilled, probably illiterate, worker – but he is the man who gave me the kick for one of my biggest passions on 30th January, 2014.

Thanks to him!!