The Ultimate Guide To Get Into McKinsey & Co

IIM Lucknow management students Jannat Talwar and Shubham Jain have converted one of the most sought-after job offers at any B-School. Join us in this 6-part series, where they talk about their journey to getting a PPO at McKinsey.

How To Crack The McKinsey & Co PPO? | McKinsey Diaries Ep 1| IIM Lucknow


Why McKinsey? | McKinsey Diaries Ep 2 | IIM Lucknow

Ever since Jannat and Shubham joined IIM Lucknow, they had McKinsey in their mind as their dream place. But why! Let’s find out what they think made them choose McKinsey over any other consulting firm.


Why Consulting? | McKinsey Diaries Ep 3 | IIM Lucknow

Of all the streams that management studies have to offer why did IIM Lucknow students Jannat and Shubham choose to go with consulting? Listen to them speaking about consulting as a profession and the lifestyle of a McKinsey consultant.


McKinsey Summer Internship Interview Experience | McKinsey Diaries Ep 4 | IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow students Jannat and Shubham share their experience of the interview in this episode of McKinsey Diaries. Watch them tell you stories about the highs and lows during their interview process. Let’s see how they climbed the tree of success.


How To Get A PPO At McKinsey | McKinsey Diaries Ep 5 | IIM Lucknow

There is always a key to success, but in the case of these IIM Lucknow students, there were three. Watch Jannat Talwar and Shubham Jain talk about the three major things during their internship with McKinsey that helped them convert it into PPO.


McKinsey PPO – The Moment Of Success | McKinsey Diaries Ep 6 | IIM Lucknow 

In the final episode of McKinsey Diaries, IIM Lucknow MBA students Jannat Talwar and Shubham Jain would give you a glimpse of their moment of success. All the hard work that boiled down to them getting their dream company to work with. They have made it, now it’s time for you.

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