The Ultimate Warriors’ League (UWL) : Intra-college annual sports fest of IIFT

The Ultimate Warriors’ League (UWL) is IIFT’s annual sports extravaganza, which was launched with full fervor for its seventh season with the tagline ‘Compete. Conquer. Celebrate.’  on October 31, 2014 by the Sports Committee, and the subsequently selected Organising Committee. On the lines of IPL, this year’s UWL, retained its earlier attractions of having firstly franchise biddings, in which three teams were grabbed by second year students, while the first year students bought one. The teams, erstwhile, were named Southern Stallions, Aryan Juggernauts, Eastern Gladiators, Mumbai Hawks. This was followed by the teams’ individual selection of their brand managers and consultants. November 2, a wintry foggy night could hardly freeze the bubbling excitement in the bloodstreams of players, as team owners, brand managers and consultants sat overnight post their grueling MBA schedule by day for an all-nighter (just for the record, it went from 12:30 am to 8:45 am), full of tension (and tears), stirring up cigarette smoke and controversies in the still air to bid for players to form their respective teams for a variety of sports and games, viz. cricket, volleyball, throw-ball, basketball, futsal, track racing, chess, poker, darts, badminton, tug of war, sports quiz. The brand managers sat with their respective owners to decide on branding strategies, to ensure their team gets the maximum brand recall and attention.




UWL 7.0 was unique in many respects. Firstly, the brand managers went all out to ensure their teams are deemed the favorites off the field (the players, of course, took care of on-the-field action). This year, branding reached new heights with posters being flagged at pretty much every visible nook and cranny of the campus, some turf wars within teams well executed through passive aggression, salsa professionals being invited to campus along with an extremely hilarious song-request night, all by different teams. Mumbai Hawks applied their Brand Management and Marketing lessons and took them to another level, as they re-branded their team and renamed it Maratha Mafias. All this became all the more significant with the first-time ever launch of the Katwaria Exchange (KatEx 1.0). KatEx was a simulation of the real stock market, with the stock prices dwindling as each team performed either on the field or off the field, via its brand managers. Adrenaline was on all-time high, as people were seen walking through corridors and in classrooms discussing the recent stock prices, as well as team’s points.


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UWL 7.0 would of course not be anything without the games and sports. Every player, despite his friends being in some other team, played in full allegiance for his team and strived to perform and gather as many points as possible for his team. Aggression roared on the grounds, and quite a few found themselves injured due to the exertion. Stellar performances were seen, even the girls justified their points bid were not in vain as they competed just as hard as the men. Such was the quality of the games, that the cheering also reached a record high, with people often complaining of sore throats, some even unable to do so with their voices gone the next morning. But it was hardly enough to dampen the spirits, as the games continued well into the night and again in the morning, after which the OC members and the players dragged themselves to classes to recuperate, as they struggled to conform to the 80% attendance norm.




All in all, UWL 7.0 was a grand success with Eastern Gladiators winning the golden trophy and becoming the first-ever first year team in the history of UWL to do so. Southern Stallions’ brand managers grabbed the first position in Brand Management while Aryan Juggernauts’ stock prices yielded the most money. Irrespective, everyone won at UWL. Not just the team owners, the brand managers or the OC, but the players, the audience and also the people who stuffed dosas, shawarmas and free coffee, hiding from the rest of the crowd.



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