The Unapologetic Hypocrite – What Does It Really Mean To Be Independent?

Today I would like to share with you this very funny situation, The one I faced during one of my interviews,

Interviewer X : So You are a Day scholar?

Me : Yes

X: But I thought you were new to the town!

Me : Ya, I brought my mom with me!

X : We have our meeting running long!

Me : I can always stay back!

X : But You brought your mom along. How do you think you can manage your duties and responsibilities ?

Yes, like most of the people reading this right now I was completely lost. For a moment there, I couldn’t get the point. How does living with my mom make me irresponsible?

It took me a few moments to realise what the actual point was – SO YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOUR MOMMY! Well, to be honest, YES, I cannot live without my mommy! So now I’m in my 20s; a graduate, pursuing a PG; a few years down the line, I’d be in my 30s and 40s but the answer would still remain the same. So does that make me less efficient? How? Since when did looking after your parents, fulfilling your duties as a kid and being there for your family become a sign of weakness? And who said staying in a room in a hostel makes you more self-sufficient and responsible? I’m a kid from a typical double income family – with both my ma and pa working.

I was taught to be independent from the day I could possibly remember! When kids had their mommy packing bags and doing homework for them, I saw my mom teaching me how to get things done myself, how school was my arena and every battle was to be fought and won on my own. Of course, she would always had my back but not until she was sure I gave a good fight. Today , I can proudly & surely say that more self-sufficient¬†and independent than most of the ‘so called grown ups’ of my age.

So what if I like to play around, so what if I love my mom, if the world thinks that keeping the child in me still alive and loving my family is my weakness, God save them from their hypocritical thinking! I pity those so called educated and self-sufficient mature people. On one side, the world preaches to you how you should be there for your family and on the other side, these are the same kind of people who take your values for your weakness. The hypocrisy never seems to die! Had you been taught of the Vedas or even heard of the Upanishads or even less if you had ever felt those lovely moments  you had with your family as a kid, you would have realised that realising your responsibilities towards your family is the biggest sign of growing up at all!




About the Author:


Ayushi Nair is a mechanical Engineer From Bengaluru. Loves travelling and is passionate about writing. She also loves Brand Management.