The View of Knowledge

Views and Behavior set everyone apart. Behavior is an important concept as we look forward in the life.

It generally describes the mentality and lifestyle of a person. Say for example, if we talk about the life of a Billionaire and Beggar (B&B); their view, behaviour and knowledge set them apart from one another.

As far as MBA is concerned, it depends on the mentality and the positive aspect that you carry when you do MBA.

Is going to IIM-A really going to solve all of your problems? Can IIM-B give you a better Life? Will FMS make you happy? Before even thinking of doing MBA, ask these questions to yourself. If you get an answer, then go for it. If you don’t, please throw away your decision of doing MBA.

I once heard a statement that “Money can’t buy happiness BUT financial freedom always has the upper hand!” Many colleges will help you in getting financial freedom. If that desire of being powerful makes you cheerful then, my friend, you should go for it.

Both Happiness and Regret come after making decisions. But the decision lies in your hand. Never hesitate to make one, because regret is that part of life when you will start to feel ashamed of yourself. Decision making plays an important role and the emotions with it too but as the wise person always said, ” Think Twice before you Decide.”

Positive framework and Mentality will always lead you to success; whether it is going to IIM, FMS, XLRI. The ability to work hard and work on your mistakes will lead you to success.

Think, Decide, Act, and see the result.

Ankit Soni

Hi my name is Ankit Soni. I am a graduated mechanical engineer and keen to explore options through MBA. I am working as a Junior Research Analyst in a APIMA consulting firm which is in Vadodara. Besides it, i like to participate in various outdoor events.