The Year That Was – The Year That Taught Me That Cliches Exist For A Reason – By Anu Kutty

The year that was
I remember eagerly looking forward to and waiting for 2016 to begin.
The year of mammoth changes it was going to be.
Some invited, others uninvited, 2016 brought in too many changes anyway.
Little did I know that life would be changing gears at a very trippy pace.
And that no amount of preparedness was going to help.
Got suited up to get to a new place.
With open arms, got sucked into this rat race.
Filled with hollow-eyed humans chasing deadlines,
I still found a teacher in some friends
And a friend in some teachers.

The year of 2016 taught me that clichés exist for a reason.
Love and lust, friends and trust – all of them were convicted of treason.
Oxymorons made more sense.
Never say never I say hence
I know that all that remains in the end, is you
Pondered much and I think that I got the cue
It was to bleed onto paper and trust the hue.

Loved a lot, and lost some more.
Lost a lot and loved some more anyway.
In a quest to find out if I had changed,
Not too sure if I lost myself on the way.
While trying to trace my way back to that lovely grinning face,
I learnt that some questions have no answers,
How much ever hard them you may chase.

No, we are not promised tomorrow
And yet, in times of crisis, there’s always some more faith to borrow.
It’s never too late to put the past away,
It’s never too late to quit the masquerade.

Chained by the hands of the clock
Madness revealed that I too am a part of the flock
The year of 2016 did slip away lightning bolt speed
But the lesson I learnt, to them I shall pay forever heed.
Chased away the fears
With smiles or tears
The warmth of a friendly hug
And no more do the worries bug
I am glad that I stayed sane for most part of the year
Sane or insane, the stories equally my children shall hear.

Some smiles still steal my breath away
Some memories still make me wonder how I made it through
And others bring joy to the eyes
Some questions still wreck my brains
Some tears shed all along the way
Some cheers spread en-route.
One year older and hopefully wiser.
With a million memories, I cherish this brilliant year that was!




About the Author:
This was written by Anu Kutty, a PGP1 student of SPJIMR