Things To Consider When You Consider SJMSOM

  • Excellent placement records- Needless to say, placement statistics are few of the most important factors to consider before joining a b-school. SJMSOM sets the standards to the next level.
  • Batch Strength –A small batch strength of approx. 110 allows students to develop individual connections and provide each student a chance to experience leadership in one or another domain.
  • Quality of peers –The topmost percentiles in the nation make it to the institute, hence you have learn from each other. Peer learning is indeed a very important aspect of learning which is often overlooked while choosing a b-school.
  • Industry exposure –Industry leaders and directors from leading industries coming to campus and talking about latest trends on weekends is a regular trend at SJMSOM. This kind of exposure to the industry provides high acceleration towards getting to know the market and industries of your liking.
  • Infrastructure –IIT-B is arguably the best campus in the country. The world class facilities are a class apart from anything else we have experienced so far. I am hopeful to witness clubs and activities of my interest with better facilities and exposure.
  • Location –Located in the hotspot of Mumbai is an excellent plus for a reputed b-school. In addition to providing brilliant industry exposure and placement opportunities, the location also enables to have a good social life and exposure to people from various backgrounds and industries.
  • Leadership Possibilities –A variety of leadership possibilities greet students in the campus if IITB. Various possibilities like Mood-Indigo committee, E-Summit, Techfest, Hostel Secretary in addition to the clubs and teams associated to SJMSOM.
  • Reputation – SJMSOM has an amazing reputation in the industry. In addition to being a part of IITB and carrying the prestigious stamp, SJMSOM has been successful in creating an image for itself in the industry as a result of the amazing performance of the alumnus.

Q.2) Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

The major reasons include –

  • Interaction with clothing brands – Maintaining a fashion retail store that showcases a lot of leading brands will give me access to interaction with a lot of leading fashion manufacturing brands, which will help me grow knowledge of another sector that seems interesting from a management perspective.
  • Retailing as an innovation – In the last few years retailing has gone through a lot of innovations the biggest of which is the introduction of the on-display system where most garments are on display giving more and more visual input to customers and eliminating the need of too many on-prem helpers. I feel a lot more innovation like customer targeting or psychological inputs are still possible in the field and managing it might be an exciting venture.
  • Customer Analytics –Customer Analytics is providing a huge scope of improvement in retailing. Customer targeting has reached the next level through analytics of customer trends.
  • Direct connect with end consumer –Retailing gives me a sense of direct connect with the end customers of the product. The feedback loop is much smaller here and gives a lot of scope of improvement in short span of time.
  • Exposure to advertisement industry –Being in retailing, I hope to have a direct communication with the advertisement industry which is another growing industry and has a lot of artistic creativity along with management innovation involved.

Rajat Mishra is a first-year student at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

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