Things That Make IIM Sirmaur Special!

IIM Sirmaur located in the district Sirmaur is located in the outer Himalayas which is commonly known as the Shivalik range. Like other parts of Himachal Pradesh, it has beautiful landscapes, bracing climate, big and small game and legendary temples which hold an abiding attraction for the tourists.

IIM Sirmaur campus located in the industrial town Paonta Sahib excels at all the facilities that a prestigious institute must have, including the well-equipped IT infrastructure, library, hostel, sports area, gym and a green campus that plays a crucial part in the holistic development of a learner. But is it just about the inside campus?

 More than that it gives an opportunity to its students to explore and learn about the untapped potential of the industrial area in which it is located and how to give a boost to the economic activities and to develop it in a sustainable manner. Paonta Sahib being an area abundant with minerals and also being an industrial area majoring in medicinal and cement industries touches three states (Haryana, UP, Uttarakhand) and still lags behind incompetence giving a lot of opportunities to students to learn about the area and to learn how if maximum optimization of resources is not done can lead the potential untapped. Further the situations in the hilly area also offer a student to learn the importance of sustainability and enables a student to learn that a sustainable business is the one that can live within the constraints of a sustainable world while reducing its impact on externalities as required by shrinking legal space within which it must operate as well as one that can adapt to external factors that are driven by global megatrends that will inevitably affect it. The area itself also gives us an opportunity to learn how a resource based, skill based and demand-based industries collectively can give a boost to the economic development of such areas. Also, it enables one to learn how sustainable development including waste management is essential in such hilly regions and tourist destinations where day by day the movement of people is increasing and causing an adverse impact on the environment.

All over IIM Sirmaur campus gives you an opportunity to gather experience from its resourceful location and provides a holistic development in an individual to create value to society and to carry on the legacy that the best of the IIMs have left.


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By Kushagra


IIM Sirmaur

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.