This Is What NITIE Is – Absolutely Unique At Its Core – Mohit Verma

“Listen Mohit, we heard of a college in Mumbai that accepts CAT score. We came to know that you are currently studying there only. My daughter is a bit skeptical about whether to opt for it or not.”

That was a perplexed Mr. Sharma, living in my colony in my hometown who was curious about his daughter, so he came to my door to seek some insight.

Yes, you guys guessed it right – the college we are talking about is not so famous but still one of the premier B-Schools of India and one amongst the 15 centers of excellence – that’s NITIE Mumbai for you.

Let me drive you briefly towards the excellence of this prestigious institution. An alum base of over 5 decades, located in the financial capital, experienced faculty, graced with a lush green campus popularly known as God’s own campus, a 100% placement record over the years, ample time to develop all in all a new hobby, numerous life lessons and whatnot, my friend. This complete set provides you with countless opportunities that you are surely going to get confused while preparing your ‘Bucket List’ and completing it too. Such a dilemma could be faced only if you are studying at the National Institute of Industrial Engineering.

Talking about the most talked about issue – rising competition from institutions offering somewhat the similar specialization and located in our proximity. For that, we are all equipped – strengthening our core competencies (SCM/ops) and diversifying ourselves in other segments too simultaneously. One of the other interesting aspects of the institution lies in its name itself. You might wonder what’s the letter ‘T’ doing in our NITIE’s name since it has no representation. Although the letter ‘T’ is silent but has contributed fully to keep the name in all flying colours. Yes, we started as a ‘Training Institute’ since it was the need of the nation at that point in time. Then through its adaptive nature, NITIE is now contributing as a B-School which is the present demand. This is NITIE which has surrendered itself in the service of the nation in all ways since decades.

I hope not only a NITIEzen but an outsider (you might be one) too is now in a good position to guide Mr. Sharma’s daughter rightly and tackle Mr. Sharma’s taunts also (if he is the usual Sharma Ji, ha-ha).

– Mohit Verma

Batch of 2019

NITIE, Mumbai

NITIE Mumbai (Since 1963)

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