Three Ways To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

For those that are interested in creating additional revenue streams, freelance writing can be a great way to earn a handsome side income with minimal time investment per month. This side career is especially lucrative to those who have years of experience as an insider in the financial or medical sectors: both of these industries have the money to invest in high-quality copywriting. Employees and consultants from these sectors are primed with insider knowledge that they can earn money sharing with others in the process.

However, freelance writing jobs are not limited to these sectors. Making money as a freelance writer can work for everyone, so long as you have the skills and experience in your niche needed to craft intelligent and provocative articles and documents that industry insiders want to read.

Here are three ways to make money as a freelance writer and offer value to the companies and brands that need your expertise.

Feature articles
Feature articles go in-depth on topics and issues that are of utmost importance to members of your industry. If you have experience in insurance, financial planning, debt management, or even tax-offsets and make an effort to stay up to date on current events and new legislation, you can share that knowledge and insight with others in your niche.

Writing in-depth and full coverage articles on topics that are of the utmost importance to readers in your niche can earn you hundreds of dollars per article on various industry-specific websites. When writing feature length articles, it’s important to master the art of the pitch. Editors will be more likely to consider your article idea if you use journalism principles and techniques to pitch your ideas before writing and sharing the actual completed article.
Be sure to show the editor the value your article idea will add to their platform, explain the knowledge you will be sharing, and make a solid case for why the topic is timely and important to readers.

Blog posts
Some companies start blogs for their businesses but neglect to keep them current. When freelancing as a blog writer it’s important to go after companies that not only have a neglected blog but also have the money to pay a freelance writer to take over the blog writing and maintenance for them. This means looking for larger companies with more employees.
Once you’ve shortlisted a few companies, hunt down the contact details for the decision makers – this may be their marketing team or even certain executives. When pitching these shortlisted companies, give them a bullet-ed list of a few sample blog post topics. Explain how the types of articles you can write for them. To land these types of clients be sure to pitch ideas that are both timely and can provide additional value to their client base.

Avoid contacting companies that you think should start a blog – pitching the value of a blog is not worth your energy and effort. Aim to work only with companies that understand the value that regular blogging can add to their company and only focus on convincing them to hire you to add new posts to their existing blog.

White papers
White papers are long articles that argue for a particular point of view or product. They are used as marketing materials for businesses. White papers are often given to potential clients to explain a particular product or service, while deeply informing and educating on an industry in the process.

If you have experience in any industry you can work with companies in that niche to develop marketing materials, like white papers, to share with potential clients and get them more lucrative business. To reach these types of clients you may want to start by showing them the value of your service using the first two freelance writing techniques. Once established as a freelance writer with a client, move up and pitch to develop a white paper for their business or product. Networking events like workshops and conferences are also a great place to meet clients who are in need to white paper services.
These three freelance writing jobs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working with businesses and clients as a freelance writer. When you put your years of knowledge and experience to work, you can make a significant side income with very little time investment each month.

As you grow as a writer, you can also expand your portfolio and add additional services. In just a few hours of effort and writing per week you can find opportunities, contact potential clients, and develop a lucrative freelance project with numerous clients and businesses that provide additional value to their clients and readers while also earning you extra cash in the process.


About The Author:

Ronald Mccarthy is an undergraduate student. He has been known to write regularly on the top trends in Finance and Marketing and takes particular interest in the Finance industry. His pieces are well-researched giving the reader a quick and comprehensive Knowledge.