“It’s Time To Acknowledge The Hard Work, Sacrifices And Effort Women Put In All Walks Of Life” – Celebrating Womanhood At SJMSOM Mumbai

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018, we asked the women of top b-schools across India to highlight their achievements, views on feminism, the #MeToo campaign and their perception of gender inequality in our country.

I am Aneri Shah, a first-year student at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay. I’m born and brought up in Mumbai. A computer engineer and a marketing enthusiast. I like reading, listening to music and playing sports. I’m a girl with a strong opinion who totally believes in doing exactly what you want


What does women’s day mean for you?

It’s time to acknowledge the hard work, sacrifices and effort women put in all walks of life even after the society is so biased.

How would you explain feminism to a 10-year old?

When girls play with cars, boys play with Barbie dolls and no one teases them about it, that’s feminism.

Which female icon has inspired you the most and why?

The female icon which has inspired me the most is Chanda Kochhar because she has shaped the retail banking sector just like any other male would have and has carved her own path in her very successful career.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the #MeToo campaign or any such movements on social media?

Campaigns do instil a sense of awareness, but more steps need to be taken to stand up against it than just campaigns.

What attitudes towards women have you encountered by men in education (professors, colleagues or students)- that you wish to be corrected?

Most professors have the same outlook towards a male or female. Some colleagues think that females should study less and that they should be settling down at a younger age than their male counterparts.

How will you respond to men who feel women are given partiality in comparison to men at your workplace?

It’s better to let actions speak rather than retaliate. I will ensure I do all jobs as good as a male employee at the same post.

How has social media helped in bringing up the issue faced by women in today’s context?

More women come out in the open about sexual abuses at home as well as at workplaces.


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