Hey, are you on Tinder?

No, I’m not looking for a match. I’ve already found the one. The Perfect Man is 6’3″, athletic but he didn’t tell me that because he wanted a girl to like him for his jokes. He just moved here from Seville, and would love someone to explore the city with. He cooked me dinner and spoke about his startup that feeds hungry people on the streets. A big giant just bought his company, but it’s still his baby.

As I linger on this daydream you think about the various people you’ve been with.

The Foodie

Along with the food, you can eat their words too! Cause food is all they talk about – while eating and even while paying the bill after you’ve already eaten too much.

The Chatting Champion

This may seem like a non-stop chatter party if the partner is a book of funny incidences. Else, it’s a trip to the ENT after.

The Chipku

Did she just say, “I love you” after the first meeting? Well, you know what to do. Ready, Get Set…

The “I, Me, Myself”

You’ll get a free reading of an autobiography, before it’s even published! Fun?

Well, this is just scratching the surface of the universe of quirks that’s out there. While some are downright intolerable, you’ll find some to be cute and attractive, and want to feed them ice-cream all day. And eventually, you’ll find your own ways to deal with them.

Similarly, when you go out on your sales trips you’ll meet a variety of people. And unfortunately, unlike on tinder, you can’t swipe left or never call back. You have to go through an ordeal before you meet the one.

Like I did in my daydream No. 2: This client has pots of money and has been waiting for the product I’m selling. He loves my product before I even finish the pitch and calls his secretary to get him the finest pen so he can sign the contract. Immediately.

Meet the different kinds of people you’ll come across in your sales stints here. And learn how to deal with each one with the right skill so that they help you make the sale.