Tips For The Last Week Before CAT – Aditya Aman, IIM Indore

With the CAT exams just around the corner, it is time you start with the final phase of your preparation. A few mocks, revision of notes and formulas, along with some mental conditioning for the D-day would serve as the perfect cocktail leading to the
“CAT bash”.

If you are feeling a bit jittery and nervous, know that you are not alone. A bit of nervousness is natural but do not let these feelings get the better of you. You have worked hard for this exam; you just need to focus for the few remaining days before you can bask in the post-exam glory. Believe me, keep working hard, it is worth it.

Do not think about your mock scores or for that matter your friend’s mock scores. At the end of the day, mocks do not mean a thing. They are just a tool designed to help you in a journey that is CAT. Give the mock tests with utmost seriousness but do not fret over the end results. Make sure you extract maximum learning from each test and then move on.

Here are a few tips that might help you
1. Go through the each and every topic in quant. Make sure you are well versed with the formulae. But do not take up any new topics, focus on what you have already covered. Remember, CAT is as much about accuracy, as about speed. So first focus on doing things that you know, correctly.

2.  For DILR, my advice would be to keep practising a few sets every day. You should also go through all the sets covered in the mocks that you have attempted.

3. I believe, VARC is all about rhythm. So keep reading and solve a few sets every day. Make sure you do not break the rhythm. Just give the exam with the flow that you have developed over the months, and you should be fine.

4. Another critical thing to do is to keep your confidence level up. A confident you will outperform a deflated version of you by at least 10-15 marks on the exam day. So keep your heads up and trust your preparation.

5. Do not burn yourself out by solving a string of mocks during this week. Solve two or three mocks at the maximum. And any mock that you give should be in the same time slot as the exam slot allotted to you.

6.  On top of it, all sleep well. Take ample rest and go into the exam hall with a fresh and open mind. Just remember CAT is just one of many exams that you will give in your life. It will neither define you nor your life. In the end, you will definitely get what is rightfully yours.

The stage is set, now go play.

All the best.

Aditya Aman
IIM Indore

IIM Indore

This article is published by Media and PR Committee, IIM Indore