Tips to tackle DI and Data Adequacy section in IBSAT exam

Data interpretation and data adequacy section in IBSAT exam consists of 25 questions. With only 32 days left, students need to give their best in preparing for the exam. Best utilization of these 32 days can be done by revision of the 4 sections in IBSAT exam. Data interpretation and data adequacy is a section where one can score good percentile. So, the best way to tackle this section is to answer the questions smartly with tricks and formula’s. Hard work along with smart work is the key to ace this section in IBSAT examination. 

Preparation strategy for DI and data adequacy section:

DI section in IBSAT exam is termed as a calculation-intensive section. This section essentially tests the decision making ability of a student. In comparison to other sections in IBSAT, one can score very good percentile in this particular section with adequate practice. To tackle this section you need to build your speed in various types of mathematical techniques such as short cuts, use of Vedic maths etc. Spend atleast 3-4 hours every day in solving quant and DI and data adequacy problems.

Tips to crack DI and data adequacy section in IBSAT exam:

– Read all the questions carefully; make sure why a given option should be correct or incorrect. Read properly all the choices before answering the question.

– Try to solve as many mock test, online test, sample papers, previous year question papers you can manage. Spend at least 2-3 hours in solving problems related to DI and data adequacy.

– While appearing for any mock/online tests, never put a habit of using calculators as this may decrease your speed in solving questions.

– Always try to use those facts and figures that are given in the questions. Never assume any such information, which is not provided.

– Learn the short cut methods to solve the tricky questions.

– One of the good strategies in practicing data analysis and sufficiency questions is presenting it in form of charts or pictures.

– Difficult or tricky questions can be solved with good mathematical. Try avoiding lengthy or complicated calculations.

– This section consists of easy, medium and difficult level questions. First try to solve those questions where you are sure about the answer. Do not waste your time in cross checking those answers again and again. Try to save time for difficult questions as these require more time and concentration.

– Always avoid making random guesses especially for questions from data interpretation and sufficiency section.

– While practicing for IBSAT DI and adequacy questions you can set up a timer and try to solve the questions in the given time. This helps you in building your speed and saving your time.

– Time management plays a very crucial role in solving this section of IBSAT aptitude test. Always manage your time properly.

– Take feedback from people who have already taken IBSAT earlier, read IBSAT updates on educational blogs and forums, which are quite helpful.

– Clear all the concepts, fundamentals, formulas etc beforehand. Do not keep important topics to be covered in the last moment. Last moment preparation always creates confusion.

Practice is the mantra to ace the data interpretation and data adequacy section in IBSAT exam. Best of Luck!

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