TISS Testimonials – Anurag Siddharth

TISS is one of the best institutes in India for pursuing a Masters in Human Resource Management.However, it not being a regular B-School, creates confusion in the minds of some aspirants, who are doubtful about what to expect once they enter  it. This testimonial, written by Anurag, a student of HRM&LR,2013-15 batch, aims at sharing some of his personal experiences during his first year at TISS.

Life at TISS:

I am sure no one was so much confused as I was before joining TISS. I introspected, took opinions of my friends, seniors, family members about joining the college. But it did not help much. Then came a day, a dramatic one (which if I begin describing would take a lot of time and space) when I finally decided to come here and I am glad that I took that decision.

Life here at TISS has been so different. The focus here is to make us a good human being who is sensitive towards the society. I am sure no other B-School would be providing the opportunity to learn and discuss about various social issues. During our foundation course ( 8 hours a week) , the entire first year batch of TISS sat together and learnt about women empowerment , Caste issues , Constitution , Labour issues and several other critical topics. It was through this foundation course that I studied about Dr. Ambedkar and got to know how impressive his ideas and logics were with respect to the evolution of caste. Similarly several other constructive sessions helped me in broadening my views towards the society as a whole

Apart from that we also get to learn about business through various HR leaders that often visit our campus for sharing their valuable experiences, several of them are our own alumni. Also, being new to the field of HR, I got to learn a lot through the field work in the two semesters. It kind of helps us when we start our dedicated two month summer internship in different organisations.

The thing that makes TISS unique from other institutes is its diverse environment. We get the opportunity to interact with so many students pursuing different courses and thus learn so many different things from them. It is like being in a pool of talented individuals and enhancing your own knowledge by just interacting with them.

The most exciting thing is the fun that we get here. Sitting  late in the library discussing trivial things , then going out and having breakfast before sleep , the occasional trips , the parties  are just a few things that  I could mention here .Apart from that various events be it Sports , Cultural , Literary all really make it a happening place.