TISS Testimonials – Ashish Maharaj

I came to know about the existence of TISS only 2 years ago, which is sad, considering the reputation that this beautiful institute has in the HR fraternity. But then, this is one of the best things about this institute. It focuses on solid work without making a fuss about it.

The major factor which differentiates TISS from other B-Schools is that it is not a B-School. In fact, this institute is better known for its excellent social work programs which are among the best in the Asia Pacific Region. The students of the HRM&LR program frequently interact with students of other courses. This exposes them to multiple viewpoints and makes them open to accepting differing opinions, which is an important quality of a good manager. Further, 4 fieldworks spread across 2 years ensure that a student is sufficiently exposed to the practical aspects of HR. After completing these fieldworks, a student has a holistic understanding of the working of HR across different sectors. This, in turn, makes him/her better prepared to handle the HR challenges of the real world.

The opportunities I have got in this institute to grow and develop have been immense. Right from the foundation courses which have opened my eye to the real India, to the opportunity to participate in numerous case study competitions, limited to select B-Schools, I have developed both as a person and a professional.

The course is structured in such a way that it gives us time to think, reflect and choose our own paths rather than choosing the same old careers. Although the academic rigor is similar to any other B-School, emphasis is also given on research so that the students do some meaningful contribution to the already existing literature on HRM.

Life at TISS is not only about studies. The college fests and parties give us enough time to unwind. Events like Mehmudra, the institute level freshers party, Manthan, the flagship event of the HRM&LR batch, trekking, sports meets etc. ensure that we are always involved in one activity or the other. To top it all, our location in Mumbai gives us a lot of weekend getaways and places to hangout. To sum it all, experience at TISS is unlike any other institute. You have to experience it to believe it!!!