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Two months into MBA are sufficient to change an early bird to an owl. In the first week itself, I remember going to a Yoga session at 6 am after completing an assignment and eagerly waiting for a 5 minute of “Shavasana”. There have been many such nights till now, and many more to come.

I used to go early to bed and wake up early in the morning during most of my life. I have enjoyed comfortable 7-8 hours of night sleep all through my undergraduate days and 3 years of work experience. I had also started exercising with a bit of meditation in the mornings about 2 years ago.

However, this routine has drastically changed now. Nights have become longer, usually extending till 2 or 3 a.m. The number of hours of sleep has also reduced, leading to changed sleeping patterns. Academics are not the only reason for late nights. Case competitions, assignments, sessions by seniors, etc. are some other causes. An evening may come when you might feel there is no work, but just then, a mail from a professor for a quiz next morning or a pre-read requirement for a class would spoil all your plans. I can often hear people asking a pet question to each other “Kal kitne ghante soya?” The reactions after hearing each other’s answers are even more fascinating. There is a feeling of guilt (probably a derivative of “Fear Of Missing Out”) in the reaction of those who have slept more than others. You cannot think of chilling a bit even on weekends. Long nights at an MBA college has not spared the laundry guy as well, even he comes to collect clothes after 12 am.

I still remember myself and others waiting for PG-Lab (A comprehensive course set at a hill station that helps build personal leadership and team skills through indoor and outdoor activities, psychometric tests and experiential exercises) so that we can sleep peacefully for a few days. Just the opposite happened there. The atmosphere over there was such that none of us wanted to sleep, but enjoy the activities and each other’s company.

Although it felt a bit hectic in the initial days, I have started enjoying the twists and surprises that each day brings. I have become quite flexible now with sleeping late at night, waking up early, even fully concentrating in the classes, and that too without any dose of coffee or tea (which I habitually avoid). I have also adjusted myself to the new environment and have started enjoying each moment. I consider the waking up at night as a sacrifice “Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai“. The things I have gained in 2 months are a lot of memories (and hopefully many more) which I will cherish forever.

It is not that I have completely changed. I still miss the calmness of the mornings and whenever I get a chance, I get up early and meditate!



Abhishek Taluja

PGDM Candidate – SPJIMR


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