The Transition From The Old To The New – IIM Raipur

The most memorable day of my MBA days will definitely be DAY-1 at IIM Raipur. With all the excitement when I reached the campus I found that there is only one building in which the entire institution is running. There were only two things running in my mind. One is how an institute of such reputation is running in a single construction, while other B-Schools are having their own campus. The other thing in my mind was how I can adjust to this single building institution, later to my surprise I found that most of the activities happening on the campus were student driven.

Eid celebrations in the institute was that part which gave me the idea of how the system here is smoothly designed and well maintained by the students.

Academics and Non-Academics never meet each other but runs in parallel without any hindrances. Students have every choice to what level he/she can excel.

Thanks to the alumni and seniors for their contribution and setting the pace in this institution. As the new campus is ready for inauguration, we would be the last batch to get admission in this old campus. It would always be a great memory for the batch PGP 2018-20

                                                    Which Aditya Birla group company you would like to join?

I would see it as a great opportunity for a position at Hindalco Industries Limited. I being a graduate in the field of metallurgy, I can have more insight into my workplace. It would be easier for me to get an idea of what is going on in the industry and act accordingly.

Kompelly Srivatsav is a first year student at IIM Raipur