How Traveling Shaped Me As A Person And How NITIE Is A Part Of My Journey?

“When you venture outside and step out of your comfort zone, that is the time when you really discover yourself and realize your true potential.” I am out on an expedition and NITIE is another beautiful part of this journey. Travelling has transformed the way I conduct myself and every journey further shapes me into a better human being. This is possible because of the various dimensions associated with travelling. As a tourist, one often tends to overlook these dimensions, but a traveller tries to explore as many dimensions as he can.

Some of these Dimensions are People, Food, Faith, Place, Monuments, Culture, Adventure, History & many more. We often confine ourselves into some boundaries and while we are well aware of the happenings inside that boundary, we often tend to ignore what’s happening outside it. We build a fort around us, housing people whose frequency matches ours, ending up raising opinions that suits us. There have been many cases when opinions got so hungry that they ended up eating the very people who have raised them.

Travelling helps you break free of these boundaries as you meet people of different background, ethnicity, religion, caste, and nationalities. You get to eat their food, get to know about their beliefs and learn about their cultures which you won’t normally find elsewhere and is native to that place. Quoting few instances, I went for Kheer Ganga Trek and tasted some awesome Israeli food, Nepal amazed me with Newari Thaali and whenever I think about the kebabs of Lucknow, my taste buds go on a roller coaster ride. I was mesmerized by the tranquillity I felt in the courtyard of Golden Temple, the idyllic feeling I got in the premises of Vishwanath Temple and how close to the divine power I felt at Haji Ali Dargah. How fascinating was the Tharu dance in Nepal and how different it was from Bhangra in Punjab! How captivating was the sight of Taj Mahal and the majestic grandeur of Rajasthani Palaces can leave anyone enthralled! How a place like Varanasi, even after witnessing multiple dynastic dominions can sustain the very fabric of spiritual identity it is known for.

The Adrenaline rush, that I feel every time I put on my trekking shoes, every time I get on a raft or every time I get onto a ride is something exceptional. I remember the time when I trekked for an entire day with my legs buried deep into the snow and how on reaching the summit, the exalted panorama of Greater Himalayas left me spellbound, it was Surreal. In this materialistic world, I had found something Utopian.

Such are the learnings and memories that you acquire while exploring various dimensions of travelling. My thought process changed, and my perspective broadened. I started looking at the world differently, started appreciating different people and their religions, cultures, beliefs, cuisine and much more. I became a lot more human, tolerant and accommodating than before. Soon, I created a page by the name of _fra.mes_ on Instagram and began sharing my travel stories, the ones I believed in. The best thing about social media is that you get feedback from people around the globe, the ones you might never meet in person, which I believe further widens your scope of view.

NITIE is another beautiful part in my ongoing journey because when you secure admission in one of the top-tier B-school of the nation you end up developing a personality which has inputs from students and teachers coming from every corner of the country and from premier institutions spread across the nation. A lifetime opportunity to learn and excel, not just in your career but in your life as well. The diversity of people, thoughts, and ideas that you come across in NITIE is something that leaves you awestruck and when you come to know about stories of these people, it inspires someone like me to travel more and more and continue my expedition.

It also feels amazing to be greeted by the view of Powai lake every morning I wake up and get ready for another challenging day at NITIE, Mumbai. The God’s Own Campus is situated in the lap of nature surrounded by Vihar Lake and Powai Lake on either side. It is one of the most scenic campuses across the nation. The freshness offered by this scenic campus motivates me to travel more and gain more experiences which I can cherish for my entire lifetime.

Shreyansh Jaiswal

PGDIM Batch of 2020

NITIE Mumbai

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