Treasures At IIFT – Knowing The To Be Home For Next Two Years

The black and white list consisting my name for the admission to the prestigious IIFT painted the colorful dream of all sorts one can expect from the institute of its kind- be it placements, the strong alumni base or the MBA life that has been portrayed in videos which flooded my Youtube history. And with these flying colors I entered the IIFT Bhawan. Welcomed with all hearts and minds open our enthusiasm was uplifted. However, MBA is not all bed of roses and neither was the induction programme that followed. An arduous week-long process makes and breaks one each and every day.

After a day (and night too!) full of rigorous physical and mental activities it was yet another unpredictable morning of the induction programme. One could never know what’s going to unfold next from the scroll of the organizing committee and that unpredictability actually marked the beauty of this programme. For a moment one would be at her highest of high adrenaline rush to have reached to one of the prestigious institutes of the country and then for the next moment the same adrenaline rush would be marked by harsh truth of stressful MBA course that awaits the students with both its hands wide open ready to take away all their energy and peace of mind.

And as usual that morning was also unusual as for the first time in 3 days span we were allowed to get rid of our business suits. Till then our days have been oscillating like a pendulum to-and-fro from the lavish auditorium but in business suits to the stress relieving hostel and back. It was the treasure hunt time, the most memorable experience to get around the to be home for the coming two years. The rules of the game were set- interpret the clue and find the treasure, a new place in the 6 acres of lush green land.

We started from the C9 hostel, which is not only famous for its all-boys party-think tank combo but also for the delicious bun maskas one can have here. Next was the masterpiece erected in IIFT owing to its name the “Wings of Wisdom” which fills one with inspiration. And then there was the most serene place IIFT offers aptly named as “Top of the World” where one gets the literal sense of it even if it is momentary owing to the induction programme.

Further it was the block where we would be spending most of our time in this 2 years span, The Academic Block. Erected in the middle of which is the geometric artifact making one remember the chamber of secrets and opposite to it on the wall hangs the enlarged version of the commemorative postage stamp on IIFT issued by India post on IIFT’s golden jubilee. Hunting through each story telling treasure, the treasures where the greats have walked and sat and made this institution recognized globally, we reached the most sacrosanct room of IIFT. It’s the room where a diligent class of members take the mantle of the most rigorous and important activity of the institute, the “Placements”.

With this we completed the hunt to our new home realizing that IIFT has a lot to offer. Yes, the area is 6 acres but the batch size that makes it to IIFT is also very small and that’s what make the entire batch so closely knit as family where no one is a stranger. So, it’s not the area rather it’s the total built up area per student that defines the infrastructure of IIFT and hence the bond among all the students makes IIFT only one of its kind.


ABG Company:

It would be a great opportunity to be the part of Aditya Birla Capital Limited, the holding company for all the financial service businesses of Aditya Birla Group. I see myself serving the organization in finance domain and hence this company. Being one of the largest financial services players in India ABCL will be the great platform for me to start my career in my field of interest.

IIFT Placement Commitee