From Trekking In Monsoons To All Day Lectures – Life At Tiss – Kahaani Ab Tak

Before I pen down my thoughts about Life at TISS and all that it entails, from my perspective, let me take a step back and pen down my current state of being as I think it will in itself speak volumes about what I intend to.

After having had less than 4 hours of sleep the night before, and appearing for the first evaluation test of the course, and then attending some classes followed by other college activities, I was struggling to make the choice of catching on some sleep or completing this article that I intended to write. Clearly, I chose the latter. Post this is lined up some committee work and meetings and some important assignments to be completed with deadlines hovering around our heads so yet another night will be spent half asleep in the library. Well, in a nutshell, that is just another day at TISS for you.

And if I talk about my cumulative experience of the last 2 months in itself (which by the way seems surreal as it feels like an eternity since I have been here), from trekking in monsoons to freshers party, all day lectures and guest sessions by industry veterans, from completing almost half of our fieldwork duration of the first semester, to participating in college elections and attending cultural fests, factory visits and a speech by His Holiness Dalai Lama himself, the experience has been overwhelming to say the least, but in the best of ways.

Although most of our days are spent in the lecture halls and most nights in the library, we still get to form a strong connect with the college and also other schools at TISS and one wouldn’t want to change the state of affairs around here because that is what makes TISS what it is. The different schools bring with themselves taste of not just different academic backgrounds but also a myriad of perspectives. At TISS, one of our key strengths lie in inclusiveness and not just accepting but loving diversity and all its facets. I believe this culture around us expands our horizons and builds us as individuals in ways no regular college does.

Despite time constraints, we do try to engage in the buzz around the campus and also with students from different courses. Be it exchanging of ideas, opinions, thoughts or even hearts, the HRM&LR batch sure knows how to play it right. This is a snapshot of the life of an HRM&LR student in the initial couple of months, and with summer placement and exams just around the corner, I cannot wait to experience all that the next two years are going to bring.

I still remember the day I came for my interview at TISS, the connection I felt with the place and its vibe, you just get to know if you fit here or not. From the faculties to the alums and students, and everyone who defines this institution, there is a strong sense of belongingness we all attach to the Institute and its culture. I had heard a lot about TISS, but it is living this experience that really makes you fond of it all, and above all to be a proud TISSian.



About the Author:

Aparna Wanchoo is a Masters student pursuing M.A HRM&LR course at TISS Mumbai. She has worked as a Recruiter earlier and is happily continuing her HR journey. In her free time, she can be found either contemplating or procrastinating


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