Which TVF Pitcher Character Have You Met In Your MBA Classroom

TVF Pitchers has taken the internet by storm and has really made their way into the hearts of the young Indian viewers and has resonated with them- big time! The fact that it is start-up oriented it makes people identify with the characters and even supplant themselves into it. The characters are indeed so relatable that you might feel that you have bumped into them in the corridors of your own b-school.


Naveen Bansal

He is everything a team leader can be! A person with a soft-spoken character with an indomitable will. Naveen is not your average guy. A capable leader and a genuine friend, no matter what went on in his life, his focus was always on his team and their mission. In fact, a majority of the story pivots around him and his emotional-mental struggle against the many odds his team has to face. You meet a lot of Naveen’s like this in your MBA classroom, don’t you?


Yogendra Pandey


Yogendra Pandey is the operations in-charge of his new team. Despite being a hot-head, Yogendra comes up with a lot of bright ideas many times. You know the typical classmate who is musing to glory? Yogendra’s college-boy attitude makes him even more relatable. His stories are loaded with nostalgia and how a start-up is formed by management students who are friends since UG days.


Jitendra Maheshwari

A man with many unresolved issues, especially with his father and with his life, Jitendra is the character whose story of self-growth is the most evident of the four. Self-motivated, apprehensive and confused as a character, he is the classroom figure who hesitates and questions decisions a lot. He is the skeptic one but is the go-to “IT” guy in the tech crisis moments.


Sourav Mandal

Mandal is the kind of guy who’ll blow your gasket the very first moment you talk to him. Sourav Mandal is the outsider in the group and is always at odds with the others. Although he manages to get in as the expert in marketing in an unusual deal, he continuously struggles to be accepted by the other entrepreneurs he regards so highly. This, along with his eccentric behaviours and interests brings a certain humour to everything. You know people like Sourav in your classroom, don’t you? The innocent, vulnerable, easy-to-be-manipulated one!


How many of these do you relate to? Tag someone from your b-school who remind you of these characters from Pitchers in the comments below.

Aarush Sharma

Ayush Sharma has done his PGDM from St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad (SKIPS) and is an active writer, blogger and management enthusiast.



Manisha Bedi

I met a guy in my graduation years. He was exactly like “MANDAL” the character. He kept on appraising himself , elaborate every work he say, and the most irritating was him being “self obsessed” as if he is leonardo dicaprio.
This article reminded me of him.

Shubham Thakur

LOL… very true. I think this is the best article i have read so far. Every group has a guy like “Naveen” and “Mandal”. Love the connection of reel life and real life.

Ashish Malhotra

Well, according to this article i think i am the “Jeetu” of my group.
Nice work Keep it up!