To Two Years And Enriching Experiences – IIFT

I came to join IIFT, stepping foot in Kolkata for the first time. IIFT’s Kolkata campus is located away from the main city near the East Kolkata wetlands and Chowbaga village. It provides a mesmerizing view of green fields and simple rustic life. IIFT provides any MBA aspirant a diverse experience in terms of its unique classroom curriculum with special focus on international trade. Also, IIFT being among one of the premier B-schools has a very diverse peer group. The diverse student backgrounds remind me of a very funny and memorable incident in my very first class when we were asked to introduce ourselves. We have a classmate Sahil from Saffidon city, located in Haryana. Sahil while introducing himself told that he is from Saffidon, and most of the class (especially those from South) thought that he must be an NRI. They kept believing the same until a teacher of ours asked each one of us to introduce the person sitting next to us. So Kaushik (from Chennai) introduced Sahil and called him a former NRI. That moment was accompanied with laughter (from us who knew) and astonishment (from Kaushik and others) and it has become one incident our class remembers very fondly. In the class I was sitting next to Manukant (from Kerala), he said to me that your surname is very easy to remember as “Chiller” in Malayalam means “currency” and asked if I am Manushi Chhillar’s cousin?….Listening to the hilarious remarks I couldn’t stop myself from laughing and this made my first day at IIFT unforgettably fun filled and amusing. Another memorable experience that IIFT gave me within the first few days of joining was travelling on a “tuk-tuk”. A Tuk-Tuk is essentially a 3 wheeler automobile with no seats, just a flat wooden plank attached at the back. It plies from outside our college to the nearest spots where public transportation is available. Travelling on it with legs hanging in the air and peaceful rural landscape around is a unique experience especially for our generation. I am sure the coming 2 years will bring more enriching experiences…


Which ABG company I would like to work for and why?

Aditya Birla group is in the League of Fortune 500 companies. I have an interest in the International trade for quite a long time. And, hence I decided to pursue an MBA from IIFT in International Business. I would like to join “Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprise PTE Limited” which specialises in providing bulk commodities trading solutions to clients. I believe with the international business acumen that I would build at IIFT coupled with my keen interest in the area I would be able to significantly add value to the company.

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