Why U? – Jaishil Modi, IIM Udaipur

A roller coaster ride without any track is what I would sum to describe my life at IIM Udaipur. You will regret not taking a deep breath before taking the ride, and you will constantly be cursing yourself: Why me? You will not be able to stop the ride, and if you try to jump you will be thrown away, this is the pace of life here accompanied by the bumps of competition

The first major bump for me was the summer internship interviews. It is not only about whether you are good or not. You will see the dumbest of people getting placed first, and you would be wondering why am I here in the first place. But it has something or the other for everyone, someone getting what they love to do and others don’t.  But, IIM is not made by some 250-acre campus but a whole lot of people around you. One instance was when my group had to do some presentation on a recent topic in corporate life. We enacted it around the “News hour with Arnab Goswami” setup and guessed what I was praised for my portrayal of Arnab Goswami, and there I got my Nickname of Arnab Goswami of IIM Udaipur and got to know about the hidden talents of some of my batch mates.

People! People! And Peer-to-peer learning is what the IIM is all about. So, I met some of the craziest and exciting people here. Antriksh Arya: He was a typical sales guy who has excellent communication skills and has worked with the Automobile industry for around 24 months, he is an encyclopedia on Automobiles. Another buddy from the same company I worked with was Deep; He was the person who would always be calm and quiet, he would work as a flash and make the best of presentations. I met some guys who are sports enthusiast and would force others to play. I still remember how I found interest in Table Tennis after I came to Udaipur.

I have lived every moment with the excitement of what next? And nailing that spot to bring uniqueness in me. Trust me, it is difficult to differentiate yourself, but if you crack the formula to success, you could create a world out of IIMU.

Few words to the future MBA aspirants

Be foolish and make mistakes, but don’t repeat them. This is what MBA is all about.


The one thing which excites me is developing mathematical models like algorithms which would solve human problems in a fraction of second. It should be something that provides faster solution to any problem. I would love to deep dive into any problem and come up with a zero-second solution. So, that is what makes me more inclined towards something which has both the high usage of the left brain and the right brain. This could work for me in the retail assignment where I could change the way things work and apply my concepts in real life. Work is not all about money but also quality. So, whichever ABG company provides me with this opportunity, I would love to be a part of it.

IIM Udaipur Placement Committee

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