How ‘U’ Sets You Apart – Lavanya Goyal, IIM Udaipur

IIM Udaipur is not just a college, it is the home to the leaders of tomorrow, it is the heaven of budding friendships that will last a lifetime, it is the workshop where the raw diamonds are converted into diamonds which are destined to shine bright in the Managerial Universe of the future.

IIM Udaipur has six core values that set it apart from other colleges. These six are academic excellence, integrity, environment sustainability, inclusion, transparency, mutual respect which are imbibed in each and every individual of the IIMU Community. We at IIMU, pursue Academic Excellence over everything else, in practice following the famous saying from the movie 3 Idiots, “Kaabil bano kaabil, kaamyaabi saali jhakk maar k tumhaare peeche aaegi”, roughly translated as “Strive for Excellence, Success will automatically follow you.”

We here at IIM, have to come up with original thoughts and original work as part of our academic curriculum. We have zero tolerance for any sort of malpractices in academics or otherwise. This continued over 2 years of IIMU life, instills as a value of the student, a value of integrity. A value that is essential for the leaders of tomorrow.

The day to day practices at IIM Udaipur is entirely managed by the students themselves, which not only teach them to be responsible and be better team players but also touches over a major core value of the institute. The core value being transparency. Many times, a group of student managing a particular event or responsible for a particular decision have the option of tweaking it into their own favor. But, never has been such a case reported, rather, everyone has always conveyed the rationale behind their decisions even without asking about it. People here have developed the courage to take tough decisions sincerely and take the blame if things go wrong.

IIMs are those institutions where people from across the nation come together, meet each other as strangers but leave as family. IIM Udaipur has students from the Jammu to Tamil Nadu, from Gujarat to Nagaland. The cultural and diverse experience provided by these institutions is one of the most important life lessons ever, to understand and respect people with different cultures, backgrounds and opinions than you. This, in particular, amplifies when it comes to IIM Udaipur in comparison to others. IIM Udaipur does not have committees representing different regions of the country, rather has one Cultural Committee, which celebrates every festival every tradition without any biases. The culture here is a reality of secularism and mutual respect. This place is unique because of its traditions and its core values, and because of the people who have adopted them.

Vertical I want to work with :

I would love to work with Aditya Birla Capital. It has a strong presence across life insurance, asset management, private equity, corporate lending, structured finance, project finance, general insurance broking, wealth management, equity, currency and commodity broking, online personal finance management, housing finance, pension fund management and health insurance business. The company has aggregate holdings worth more than Rs 2,813 billion. I being an equity and wealth management enthusiast, will find it an honor to work with a company such as Aditya Birla Capital.

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