The Ultimate Guide To Get A PPO From The Boston Consulting Group

Consulting is one of the coveted domains that an MBA student yearns to get into. And when you think of Consulting, one of the companies that come to your mind is The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). But what makes Consulting and BCG appealing? That’s what you’d see in this 7 part video series. The journey of two IIM students from why they chose Consulting as their preferred domain to what they did to get a PPO at BCG, in just under 20 minutes. Here, have a look!

Why Consulting? | Ep 1 | Road To BCG | IIM Indore | IIM Lucknow

Two IIM students, Anne Marina and Aviral Saxena, decided to go with consulting as their preferred career option. But they didn’t settle for anything less. Listen to them talking about their road to Boston Consulting Group PPO in this seven-part series.


How To Crack The BCG Summer Placement Interview? | Ep 2 | Road To BCG | IIM Indore | IIM Lucknow

Every IIM management student eye for the prestigious consulting job, thanks to the hefty paychecks and a better life that it promises in future. But do you know how it all starts?


A Memorable Incident During The BCG Interview | Ep 3 | Road To BCG | IIM Indore | IIM Lucknow

There are moments that make or break your chances. In this episode, IIM management students talk about that one moment during their interview that cemented their position and made their Road to BCG PPO easier.

 Preparation Before Starting The BCG Internship? | Ep 4 | Road To BCG | IM Indore | IIM Lucknow

BCG summer interns did something that gave them an edge over the others which ultimately led them to get the PPO. Let’s find out what they did before beginning the internship that worked for them!


How To Get The BCG PPO? | Ep 5 | Road to BCG | IIM Lucknow | IIM Indore

There is no shortcut to success and IIM Lucknow and IIM Indore management students made sure they don’t take any! Listen to them on what they did best that got them the PPO at Boston Consulting Group.


 Why BCG? | Ep 6 | Road To BCG | IIM Indore | IIM Lucknow

What makes BCG special as a workplace? IIM management students have just the answer for you. Watch them telling you what it is like to work with one of the bests in its field!


Things To Remember Before Joining BCG | Ep 7 | Road To BCG | IIM Indore | IIM Lucknow

In the last episode of this series, IIM management students talk you through about the final set of preparation that they are undergoing before joining BCG as an employee. The tough world would begin in no time for them and they want to be as prepared as they can!


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