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Shortlists are coming out left, right, and centre. So, if you have been shortlisted or if you are expecting a call, this is for you. The importance that you give to CAT and other exams has to be given to this stage of the selection process as well. Maybe more. As the stakes just got higher. Not getting a call is one thing but not converting the calls is another. Don’t be that person. Be prepared and prepare right away.

Why waste time looking for resources to prepare for the interviews, GDs, and WATs when the ultimate resource guide is here. From Interview Experiences to some concrete tips that can help you crack the MBA interviews, this guide has it all. One common theme in all the interview tips and experiences is to try and just be yourself. Now without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

Let’s look at some interview experiences from different b-schools –

Reading about these experiences will give you a fair idea of what you can expect.

1. The Interview Saga – SPJIMR Mumbai

SPJIMR Mumbai is one of the most coveted b-schools in India. The author of this article forgot her original certificates on the day of the interview. But she maintained her cool and finally made it to SPJIMR Mumbai.

2. The Unique Interview Experience At An IIM | The Average Engineer’s Encounter

General Engineer Male? Or just an average engineer? This is for you. Here’s a unique interview experience. Plus some tips too! Must read for everyone, actually.

3. How I Fought 3 Dragons And Still Survived – IIM Bangalore Interview Experience

This is how you nail your interview when the interviewers try to grill you! The author of this article tried his hand at starting up his own business. Although it was a failed attempt but it still served as a talking point in his interview. Do check it out.

4. How I Ruined My Chances To Get Into IIM Lucknow

Well, there a lot of experiences which talk about what these guys did right to get into the b-school. Not many talk about how they screwed up. This is one story on how the author of the article screwed up his chances to get into a b-school. Must read for everyone!

5. IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experiences

Do check the above link. It has a few in-depth interview experiences for IIM Ahmedabad. Even if you haven’t been shortlisted for the b-school, as a good practice, do go through them.

6. Niteen Bali’s IIM Calcutta Interview Experience

Apart from his experience, Niteen also mentions in this article, what he did to prepare well. It’s the fresher’s perspective and experience to cracking IIM Interview.

7. IIM Calcutta Interview Experience – Utkarsh Goklani

Yet another nicely written and in-depth interview experience at IIM Calcutta. Yet another story of a convert.

8. My Interview Experience At S.P. Jain – Nishant Shah

Really elaborate interview experience for S.P.Jain. S.P.Jain has this unique process of conducting group interviews. Learn here how it’s done and how you can incorporate certain things for the same.

9. IIM Lucknow Interview Experience – Utkarsh Goklani

You know there’s this question floating around every time the interview season begins? “Whether you should take the toffee offered by the interviewers or not?” Here’s a guy who accepted it and converted the IIM Lucknow call as well!

10. IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience And Preparation Tips By An IIM A Student

This is more of a preparation tips article with some personal experience of the interview at IIM Ahmedabad. This article covers 4 important parts of MBA Interview Prep – 1. Know thyself, 2. Know what’s happening around you, 3. Know your subjects, and 4. Know what and whom you are interviewing for.

You may or may not be appearing for the interviews of these specific b-schools. But reading about what is generally asked, how do people really answer these questions, is a good way to start your prep. But please do remember that these are just individual instances. You cannot generalise based on these instances and determine how well prepared you are for the same.

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Okay getting into the other part of this article, we have a lot of tips related to GD-PI-WAT.

11. How To Prepare For IIM Ahmedabad PGP Interview? – Tips From An IIM A Student

Coming straight from an IIM Ahmedabad student, this is something you should definitely read before going for any MBA interview.

12. Interview Made Easy – Answering The Whats, Whys And Hows Of IIM Interviews

This should actually be the starting point of your preparation. What exactly are the panellists looking for, is the question that bothers every interviewee? This article breaks down the IIM Interviews into the most basic structures.

13. Acing Your Next Interview – Tips By An IIM Bangalore Student

One part is to prepare for the PIs academically, while the other is to prepare mentally. This article tackles the mental battle of acing your interviews. This IIM Bangalore student believes that to ace your interviews, you need to swallow your nervousness. You need to be calm and ensure that your nervousness doesn’t wreak your interview. This and many more of such tips in this article.

14. Decoding SPJIMR’s Unique Group Interview Process

Like we’ve mentioned before, SPJIMR has a unique process of conducting interviews. This article helps you to understand the process as well as some tips on how to tackle such an interview format.

15. Ted Talks To Watch Before Your Interview To Sound Smart And Be Confident

Ted Talks are an excellent way to motivate yourself before the interview season kicks in. In this article, there are a few speakers that will not only motivate you but will also help you sound confident and smart during the interview.

16. What Is The Secret To Cracking The GD-PI At Top Indian B-Schools | Part – 1 | The Personal Interview

The author of this article, Karan Kakkar, focuses on the dreaded interview part of the selection process in this post. He has systematically divided the post into 7 different parts which focus on things like Commonly Asked Questions, Questions about you, about first impressions, etc.

17. What Is The Secret To Cracking the GD-PI At Top Indian B-Schools | Part – 2 | The GD-WAT

Written by Karan Kakkar again, this one focuses on GDs and WATs. GDs don’t usually take place these days in a lot of b-schools but WAT is really prevalent. In this article, Karan mentions different tips regarding GD and WAT and also mentions a few topics you can prepare for.

18. How To Crack An IIM Interview

From the quintessential question like, “Tell me about yourself” to HR questions to how to prepare for industry and domain related questions, this article has it all!

19. Why MBA – Video – This is one question which is going to come up multiple times during your interviews. Best to be prepared. Watch this video to know why people do an MBA and why you shouldn’t be doing an MBA.


20. How To Prepare For An MBA Interview – Video – Here’s a short video that covers some important points pertaining to MBA Interviews at any b-school.



There are a lot of free articles and content over the internet that may help you prepare for this stage. But why not prepare with the help of an expert – Deepali Naair. Check out her course on MBA Interview Prep here.

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